Branko Tower predictions for today, Tuesday, February 15, 2022, all indications


Your perfect love is the one that has no complications, Giving you stability and comfort on a daily basis, so today The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day will be in the most traditional style. Sensually eclectic details, a passionate message, a romantic dinner and a passionate night. If you are lucky enough to have finally found your sweetheart, Aries, the articulate man who gives you confidence, then today is the time to reciprocate and leave behind forever those silly jealousy you feel every day. And if you do not have a partner or stable relationship yet, Look among the native Libra, who will guarantee you what you want. For romantic adventures but without much prospect, Leos are even better.


You, too Sensual, affectionate and possessive, looking for safety every day. You enjoy serious relationships and protect your partner from all odds, even if they disagree. Today you have to try to take those desires into account more, he can take care of himself. In fact you are such a deal Serious couple, loyal, attentive and willing every day to give everything for your love and family. Celebrate this day while your sensitivity guides you, think about the details that can excite you and not expect. If you are free and have a date today, Taurus is with someone who is very interesting, you have a lot of points for being something else. For long relationships see between Scorpio. To have fun, you will have a lot of fun with Virgo.


You love relationships that are casual, flexible, and above all, that give you the freedom you need on a daily basis, with the same freedom they offer. But that’s why you may love short love affairs more than long ones, even if you really fall in love with someone you give it all to. After all, you are afraid of suffering every day if you fall in love with the wrong person. To celebrate the day of love, Gemini, fun plans for you. That’s why perhaps the best thing is to go out today on a pure adventure. Don’t forget that passion on that day is an essential component. When looking for a relationship with the future, look for Sagittarius. And for novels and foolishness between the scales.

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You are very sensitive and a bit fragile, so you think about it a lot before you kiss someone by your side, because You need a lot of love and affection every day. But today you will realize that Profound changes occur In your romantic relationships. Your jealous nature won’t change, but the way you express it will. I’ve seen that sometimes you don’t deliver what you’re asking for and that makes more sense. If you have a partner, a Cancer, a good Valentine’s Day gift would be to invite him or her to an original spooky activity. Laughing together will do you a lot today. So, keep fighting every day until everything works and the routine does not appear. Capricorn is the perfect sign for long-term relationships. And for fun and short love stories, check out Scorpio.


However, you are very romantic, Even if it seemed at first glance without emotion. You don’t usually fall in love with that person, and it’s hard for you to understand that you love someone, but when you do, you’re really excited. The truth is, it’s a little hard to understand your way of thinking, but Today you have increased your beauty and attractiveness, and you are not lacking in suitors. Nor the chances of love. Whether you’re dating someone every day or you’ve established a serious relationship, make this Valentine’s Day a very romantic one today. You know how to deal with it, Leo. In long-term relationships, you’ll do well with Aquarius And in novels or fleeting adventures for fun, look for Sagittarius.

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Your personality and the way you see things are your best weapons for flirting and falling in love From anyone you suggest. Today it enters into a cycle of unbeatable points of view in this field, The best, and in a The perfect time for serious everyday relationships, Even if you prefer a good friendship over bad love. Your valentine’s day must be a wonderful day to launch rockets. Going out in an exotic or native place next weekend would be a perfect gift. For a successful long-term relationship, look for natives of Pisces.With Leo, you will live very funny moments, even if they are of a rather short nature.


Today’s horoscope: Important decisions that you will need to make during the day can have a huge impact on your life. the love: Don’t dismiss your partner’s opinion in a rigid and authoritative manner. Give him the space he deserves in the relationship. Wealth: Today you will hear chaos constantly knocking on your door. Unexpected events will change the pace of your work. luxury: There are feelings that are impossible to analyze or justify, and that simply transcend any intellectual barriers we might have.

the Scorpion

Today’s horoscope: You may feel depressed, especially in the late afternoon hours. Try talking to someone and distract yourself. the love: No one will be able to resist your magic because you will advance ready to take down any defense. Will not easily accept no. Wealth: Make your ideas and projects known. This way you will be able to see the progress in your economy, which will finally start to bring satisfaction. Wellness: the Balance in your romantic life is essential if you value your partner’s well-being. Don’t let other people’s reactions put you down.



Today’s horoscope: Your impartiality will be tested with the events taking place today. New implants in the couple. the love: The right day for all kinds of presentations. Take the opportunity to get to know your partner’s family. Give a good impression. Wealth: Pay attention to the decisions you make today. Your reluctance to get into trouble may not be a joke to you. luxury: Remember that you are not entirely responsible for your past. There are experiences designed to make us learn. Don’t judge without investigating first.


Today’s horoscope: Each person must create his or her own ideal world. Time will tell whether you were able to choose correctly and whether you found the magic you need. the love: Hours of happiness can be expected for all those who formalize their love and long-term relationships. Wealth: You should shape your luck with consistent actions, avoid disagreements and hasty decisions. luxury: Deal with home, family and work problems one by one with humor and wisdom. It’s the best way to see them.


Today’s horoscope: The family expands because someone you weren’t expecting will turn up the news and expect to be greeted with great fanfare. Don’t let him down. the love: Good relations with the opposite sex will mitigate the upheavals caused by some professional conflicts. Wealth: Successful moments will be created to advance through lucky bursts of affection and finances. luxury: This day will be the most difficult day of your life, with wisdom, good friends, advice and a lot of humility, you will pass this test with integrity.

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