Computer and Internet bonus without ISEE, up to 500 reasons for joy

Computer and Internet bonus without ISEE, up to 500 reasons for joy

Two rewards for buying a computer and speeding up your internet connection by taking advantage of a huge discount. Let’s explore the dual possibility.

Savings of up to 500 euros for diving into a more advanced technological world. Let’s find out who can take advantage of the bonuses and how to request them.

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double chance for buy a computer and improve your internet connection. The importance of using this technology at home or in the office is clear to everyone. there Digitization The past few years are limited Access to many services for online procedure only. Those who do not have digital credentials, those who cannot attach files or Scan documents Stay out of a wide range of opportunities. The first step to diving into the new digital world is Equip yourself with a computer and an internet connection. However, the expenses are very expensive and not all families can afford to deprive themselves of such a large slice of their budget. Realizing the importance of allowing all citizens the ability to surf the internet from a computer, the government has activated a valuable internet bounty 300 EUR. District, then, expanded the offer by proposing a computer reward for value 500 EUR for a portion of the population.

PC bonus, who can order it

Puglia region activated benefit It aims to help families residing in the borders of Puglia buy a new computer. Father and smart work gave a huge boost to digitization. The school, then, has broadened horizons With electronic ledgers, virtual classrooms and online parent-teacher interviews. In short, not owning a computer means staying away from opportunities, rights, and duties as well.

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So Puglia chose the Value Reward up to 500 euros to spend on the purchase of a computer. In addition to residing in the area for at least two years, another condition for access is ISEE Less than 9 thousand euros. It is, in fact, a measure targeting the economically weaker segment of the population. Moreover, in order to receive the bonus, a family member must undertake to acquire appropriate computer skills to use the device within 12 months. To find out how to request the feature, simply contact the official portal of the regional administration.

How to improve your internet connection without ISEE

All Italian citizens can improve their internet connection thanks to the internet bonus. the value 300 euros max Discount to use on a minimum price subscription 30 MB Download. ISEE or income limits are not required but as a condition we find the duration of the subscription At least 24 months. The allocated funds are 400 million euros and will be used to help around 4 million families. To find out the entitlement details, the ministry will need to post the appropriate ruling.

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