GF Vip’s blasphemy hypothesis, on Twitter asking for Amaurys Perez’s disqualification

GF Vip’s blasphemy hypothesis, on Twitter asking for Amaurys Perez’s disqualification

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

In the past few hours, a video has been circulating that could depict Amaurys Perez: GF Vip’s competitor may have been cursed, and now the public on Twitter is calling for disqualification.

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

The new case breaks out on Big Brother VIPThis time, the rowing premise ended up in the viewfinder. after the case Marco Bellavia paid with disqualification Geneva LamborghiniAnd the That Charlie Gnocchi Who in the description of the head of hair used terms that were punished in the past – “He had curly hair, but that black curl” – Eyes are now on Amoris Perez That evening, he was going to pass a verdict in violation of the regulation. Now on Twitter, fans of the show are calling for disqualification.

What Amores Perez said in the video

A small clip circulating since last night on Twitter shows the former water polo player using a saying that violates the rules of reality TV. He was talking about his mother-in-law when he was going to let him escape “Pig *me”. While the first word is audible, the second word may mislead everyone because it is not clear. But on Twitter, viewers have no doubts: now they are asking for disqualification.”2 weeks: Forced withdrawal, disqualification for bullying, disqualification due to disciplinary action, spontaneous withdrawal with a fight with the leader, disqualification for blasphemy. All is wellOne user wrote.

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The case of Charlie Gnocchi

As the Amaurys Perez video circulates, viewers are reminded that Charlie Gnocchi must also be punished for the episode that occurred the past few days when, while chatting with Antonino Spinalbese, he let word slip.”black”. In 2020, Fausto Leali was disqualified for the same reason, he used the term in reference to Enock Barwuah. But unlike the old case, Gnocchi would have used the N-word without referring to a specific person, which is why GF Vip couldn’t take into account the disqualification hypothesis.

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