June 7, 2023

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“With heart in the name of Francis”

Rai1 Radio and Radio Friday 10 June at 21.25 present live appointments from the square in front of the Upper Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi. Carlo Conte, with the participation of Francesco Gabbani, Malika Ayan and Nick with Albano and Raúl Bova, leads the Evening of Solidarity of the Friars of the Holy Convent of Assisi, which for twenty years has been helping and supporting those who suffer and those in difficulty. The event of solidarity “With the heart in the name of Francis” is promoted by the brothers in the holy monastery of Assisi in coordination with Father Enzo Fortunato. The Franciscans organize a charity marathon every year and ask all men of good will to help the most disadvantaged and needy.
This year’s Solidarity goal is to help Franciscan restaurants operating in Italy, Italian families in difficulty, Franciscan missions projects operating on all continents, and to send all possible humanitarian aid to civilians affected by the war in Ukraine.
The 2022 edition of “Con il Cuore – Nel Nome di Francesco” will see the participation of great artists who will perform during the evening – even live with their bands – to support the fundraising.
Immersed in the Franciscan atmosphere, Carlo Conte together and all the actors present will lead to an exceptional event, a unique evening of music, storytelling and solidarity.
The evening, which combines entertainment, culture and spirituality, will witness the participation of many witnesses of civil, medical and religious solidarity and brotherhood.
This year also “Con il Cuore nel nome di Francesco” will be broadcast live on Rai Radio1 as well as on RaiPlay.
The program will be broadcast again on Sunday 12 June at 16:10 always on Rai1.

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It will be possible to support the Con il Cuore fundraising campaign on behalf of Francesco until next July 31 by donating 2 euros to 45515 by text message from a mobile phone Windtre, Tim, Vodafone, Iliad, Postemobile, Coop Voce and Tiscali. Or by donating €5 or €10 for calls from the fixed network Tim, Vodafone, Windtre, Fadtwe, Tiscali and €5 for calls from the fixed network Twt, Convergenze and Postemobile