Social networks as weapons of glorification and mass destruction

Social networks as weapons of glorification and mass destruction

Social networks were born as an easy, fast and effective communication system, but over time they have become weapons of discretionary harassment (in schools, celebrities and the unlucky) and also weapons of mass glorification and destruction by creating heroes and, if necessary, drowning them out. It's a pandemic of clicks, tweets, ticks and other nonsense.

a Cacophony These weapons are very important. The play premiered in 2018 as part of the Youth Theater Program at the Almeida Theater in London, and is the result of British playwright Molly Taylor's work with a group of young artists based on the book. You have been publicly shamedWritten by journalist John Ronson. Taylor points and shoots to tell us a drama about feminism, lies, morality, and friendship that dramatically suggests its great danger. The drama comes to us under the interesting direction of Ana Serrano Gatell, who draws on her experience in the VVAA group. The truth is that the form weighs as much as the story in this proposal, which contains some facts and which begins with the disappearance of the hero and then reviews what happened hours and days ago.

It's a proposition that works well with the abstraction of the stage and relies on running lights, movement and the good work of the seven performers who shine The joy of living The college students are also believable when the drama becomes apparent. Although it is a very choral work, there is a central character brought to life by the wonderful Clara de Ramon. She's Abby, a committed feminist who reacts with rage and fury to the decision of a mainly male jury to acquit an Espanyol footballer accused of rape. The incendiary words on her blog captivated many people in a short time, and thanks to the networks, Abby became a reference point for women's struggle for equality and against sexism. Until everything changes. On Sunday there were many young people who clapped enthusiastically.

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