Men and women, Ida Platano ready to steal Gemma Galgani’s place?

Men and women, Ida Platano ready to steal Gemma Galgani’s place?

According to some rumors about men and women, Ida Platano could soon replace Gemma Galgani.

For some time now, rumors have been circulating on the web about a file Possible and supposed farewell from Gemma Galgani For men and women. The farewell, however, will not be due to her “will” but from the program itself that – according to some rumors – wants to take her out. In fact, she has been around for many years and the absolute champion in the dating show. According to Folly in particular, launched by Nuovo tv, the program is considering making changes and changes, revamping a small part of the cast. Thus one of the most famous ladies in the history of the show, Gemma, was eliminated.

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This is how we read in the newspaper that quoted the source:Gemma must be careful. I think he did not understand that the worst competitor is his friend. It is clear to all: Ida Platano presents the same theaters of Gemma, between tears and sighs, as it aims for its place. After all, Galgani is 72 years old, and she will not be on TV for a long time ”. But we specify that at the moment it is just an insult launched by Nuovo TV and nothing is confirmed or denied. But if so, It is true that Ida Platano can replace her friend?

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Men and women, Ida “steals” Gemma’s place?

In the comment above – published in the Nuovo TV paper magazine – we just read this. Thus, the intention would be to “blow up” Gemma Galgani’s place. But as has just been said, in addition to the lack of certainty and no basis for this recklessness, there are no affirmations or denials regarding the hypothesis on Ida.

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On the other hand, it now appears that Ida has reconciled with her ex-husband, Riccardo Guarnieri. But apparently, according to many users on the web, the two will never be back together. Therefore, in September, we can see the lady ready for new adventures.

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