What will happen in the next episode. Advance April 18

What will happen in the next episode.  Advance April 18

The third episode of the program imagination The opinion: half black, I left with a bang. Ratings exceeded 4 and a half million, outperforming the ratingsFamous Island.

High expectations for the third season of Commissioner Carlo Guerrieri, who plays him Claudio Amendola, which has already given excellent results in the past episodes. Tonight’s episode two is on the air and the previews are really “greedy”.

Now that it is believed that Commissioner Guerrieri’s wife has been kidnapped, the latter decides that he must investigate and understand what is happening.

Father and daughter looking for mother

Alba, daughter of Carlo Guerrieri, has long believed her mother, Clara, a suspected fugitive, to be innocent, but it is not clear what illegal context overshadowed and then blamed on her.

On the other hand, we see Carlo Guerrieri, the Commissioner-General, convinced that his wife Clara is guilty and cannot understand why his daughter believes his innocence, the sword is drawn.

After Alba’s personal investigations with the help of the deputy commissioner, Malik, various evidence emerged in Clara’s favour, leading Carlo Guerrieri to have strong doubts about what was happening.

But now that Clara is gone, it is necessary to find her. In the second episode, Carlo and Alba, father and daughter, unite to search for Clara who may have been kidnapped. However, they face many difficulties.

Suspicious murders and trafficking, threatening the life of a character

at half black, Carlo Guerrieri’s life is not peace. His work distracts the investigation from the search for an additional wife. Investigations into the discovery of the ballerina’s body lead them to a club. a Nightclub He’s at the center of investigations into international drug trafficking.

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Then this case is directly related to the accusations against Clara. The investigations are run by Carlo and Malik, a deputy commissioner who risks his life to continue the investigation and help Alba, whom he falls in love with.

In rumors of upcoming episodes, he could be one of the main characters in half black You risk losing your life, but no one knows who he is yet.

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Meanwhile, Episode Two to air this evening is full of twists and turns. The new clues will lead to several leads for the investigation. The search for Clara will continue.

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