Carlo Conte on Tg1: “He was carried on a stretcher in an ambulance” | Dramatic panic

Carlo Conte on Tg1: “He was carried on a stretcher in an ambulance” |  Dramatic panic
Carlo Conti Solospitacolo

Carlo Conte, the beloved Tuscan captain, spoke of being transported on a stretcher with an ambulance. The crowd was shocked.

It was a successful TV season for Habib, to say the least Charles Conte. He is That and that appearwhich That and whichsuch as the popup expressly intended for San RemoWith some of the program’s old glories, they were real successes. The general public loves him very much and he has always owned the classics Hard core fanwho never leaves him.

However, they were disturbed after hearing his story TG1. Indeed, the Tuscan artist spoke about Stretcher transfer with a lot of Ambulance. Carlo Speaking in the morning edition of TG, Brilliant fare Georgia Cardinalite. He wasn’t in the studio but it was meEnter an exclusive interview via video link.

He wasn’t in his house, but he was by the sea, spending a relaxing time with his family. All of this is absolutely necessary to recharge the batteries in anticipation of an intense TV season that Bean is going to see Undisputed champions of the company at Viale Mazzini in the 2023/2024 season.

Carlo Conti tells himself so TG1

On the other hand, Conti has already revealed the launch date of the new and highly anticipated version of the That and that appear. “The experiments have already begun as. Soon we will choose the heroes of the new version and September 22 we leave. “, revealed the professional. Before long, his fans will be able to see him driving music awards.

They will be held in a wonderful place ofArena Verona. Carlo Then he relived the most remarkable moments of his career with journalists, without even losing his management of festival San Remo. The latter was a source of great relief to him, as well as a lively affection, as he famously descended the stairs.

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Charles speaks for himself
Carlo regarding TG1 Solospettacolo

Confession of the conductor “carried on a stretcher in an ambulance”

The conductor, taking a big step back in time, also spoke of his car graduation examthat many children are facing now. “I passed the final exam on a stretcher, because I broke my leg in April-March. I was An ambulance took her said the pro.

Concluding with a bit of irony and frankness, he added: “I may have taken pity on the committee and graduated well. In those days with 60/60. Today, many years later, he remembers that period with sympathy and a smile, even if it was not easy for him to face it on a stretcher and the leg in plaster.

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