Between Bari and Conversano the Festival of Science, Religion and Food

The designations that make up the long preview of the Lectorinfabula festival are called “Lector in Scienza”, “Lector Incontri” and “Lector in Tavola”; Three events further enrich the “silos of knowledge” of the Fondation de Vagno.

Three branches, two of them completely new, to double the meeting opportunities, devotion to the core issues – the same as those investigated in the days of Lectorinfabula – target dates to attract representatives of the cultural scene, create moments of exchange of ideas and confirm the active participation of young people that make Lectorinfabula an ever-changing festival . In detail, in one month, the following will happen: Lector in Science, scheduled in Conversano, in the Convent of San Benedetto, seat of the Giuseppe di Fagno Foundation, from the afternoon of May 27 to the end of May 28. Two days of meetings, books and discussions on scientific publishing, in collaboration with Radio3 Scienza; Lector Encounter, June 10 and 11, A space dedicated to reflection on ethics and religion; Finally, to wrap up LECTOR on June 23, 24 and 25 in Tavola, a journey between nutrition and health.

A long preview to start with the best way, the eighteenth edition of the Lectorinfabula that will be held in Conversano from the 19th to the 25th of next September under the theme “The Last Judgment Day” with the eloquent subtitle “Stories and Ideas for a Better World”. Fondation de Vagno’s annual cultural promotion program “Sailors of Knowledge” is based on the firm belief that culture is the knowledge of things, the ability to discover facts. Toolbox – says the festival’s scientific director Philip gyno Useful for forming an opinion, for being aware of one’s choices and responsibility for one’s actions. Culture and knowledge increase the level of respect for rules, the ability to cooperate, without which any form of social grouping is out of the question. And we will need a great deal of trust, starting with public authorities, the media, science, and among the people.

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Many heroes are scheduled to participate in Lector in Science on May 27 and 28, when Andrea Montanari, Director of Rai Radio3 and Daniela Mazuca, Vice President of the Foundation, will launch the Rossella Banares Prize, named after the author and creator of the disappeared Radio3 Science last year, It was dedicated to high schools for making podcasts. Numerous meetings: two, for example, that will feature water expert Andrea Telschi, formerly responsible for research on climate change for the European Commission. In the first, conducted by journalist Marco Panara, he will be interviewed about the value of water with Director General of Al-Qaeda in Qatar Francesca Portincasa; In the second he will talk about “The Seven Lessons About Climate Change”.

Cristiana Castelloti, Luca Di Biasi and Marco Motta will deal with scientific publishing while the crisis and opportunities between science, research and innovation will be discussed in a panel discussion with Cesar de Palma “Coordinator of the Technical Education Confindustria Puglia Group”, Adriana Agrimi Director of Research Department, Third Mission and Internationalization of the University of Bari, Annamaria Anicchiarko, General Manager of Technopolis and Gianna Elisa Berlingerio, Director of the Department of Economic Development in the Puglia Region.

President of the Italian Institute for the Future Roberto Baura will start from our present to tell us about possible scenarios and futures; While Stefano Caserini, Lecturer in Climate Change Mitigation at Politecnico di Milano, will talk about the fun and emotional side of climate change; With physicist Daniel Scaglioni, we will deal with dinosaurs and the threat of extinction, while Pietro Martin, Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Padua, will start from the “seven scales of the world” to think about a sustainable future; Journalist Giacomo Talinani will work to deepen the topic of ecosystem fragility, and biologist Sara Moraca will talk about Greta and consciousness.

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Also space for children and teenagers with authors Claudia Palmarocchi and Chiara Morosinoto, then science laboratories for adults and children run by the associations Polyxina and Mamachelig. Ethics and religion will be at the heart of the Léctor Encounter, on June 10 and 11, which will open with the Lecture Magistralis written by Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi, Archbishop of Bologna, author of an educational book on the topic “Between War and Peace the Challenge of Fraternity” scheduled for June 10 at 18 at Kursaal Santalucia Theater in Bari. The lecture will be followed by a discussion on “Faith and Politics in the Crisis of Global Origins” with the sociologist at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. Milan Mauro Magatti, political scientist Piero Ignazi and Professor of Sociology at the University of Rome Tre Onofrio Romano.

From Bari to Conversano where, on June 11, on the topic of the Abu Dhabi Appeal and Interreligious Dialogue, a seminar will be held with historian Anna Foa, imam of Florence Azzedine El Zir and Father Emanuele Albano, director of the Ecumenical Center of the Church of San Nicola interviewed by Marco Politi, journalist and Vatican scholar . The meeting will be preceded by a history lesson on cultural and religious relations between East and West and intertwining by Vito Bianchi. The last preview is that dedicated to nutrition and health: Lector in Tavola from June 23-25, a space to reflect on the culture of food, between awareness, choices and the responsibility of producers and consumers. Three previews in view of an important issue, the eighteenth, of the Lectorinfabula, in Conversano from the 19th to the 25th of next September on the theme “The Last Judgment.

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