Men and women, for Gemma it’s over forever: ‘They’re pushing her away’

Men and women, for Gemma it’s over forever: ‘They’re pushing her away’

men and women It is the TV show hosted by Maria De Filippi every day right after the series time earth. The goal is for participants to find a soul mate, with some succeeding in their intentions while others are still waiting for true love.

Among them we can mention Gemma Galjanior the one who kept everyone in suspense because of her romantic relationship with him George Manetti. Still in the studio today and Someone explained why. He is a former flame of his. Let’s find out who he is.

Jemma Galjani –

For more than 10 years, Gemma Galgani has been teaching the show with a desire to find someone who can make her heart beat. Unfortunately, you tend to accumulate a series of disappointments, but nonetheless Never lose hope. Now he will not be by your side anymore Ida PlatanoSince I left with her Alexander proximity.

Gemma has always been criticized above all by commentators Tina Cipolati And the Gianni Sperti Because they think she is only interested in the cameras. In this issue, he sends many suitors, so the interventions of third parties are never lacking. Viewers are noticing that she’s no longer the center of attention, and according to a former suitor, there’s a good reason.

The man in question is Jean-Pierre Sanseverinowho is known to have been a former jockey in the on the throne From men and women To get to know each other in the past. It didn’t work out for her, but if nothing else, the stream gave him a way to find his significant other. On account of Our Lady of Turin Express an opinion without beating around the bush.

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She’s there for the cameras.

Jean-Pierre revealed unexpected things about the leading lady from Turin: She is no longer a prima donnaIt offends people’s intelligence.”.

Words by Jean-Pierre -
Jean-Pierre –

Then complete: Gemma knows too much. She’s gone so far as to offend people’s intelligence. 13 years later but who believes that anymore? She’s there for the cameras. But now I see that they are pushing her away. She is no longer a prima donna. I hope you find it. I went out with him and he’s a nice guy. An intelligent, educated woman. It’s fine with her, but she can’t find anyone.

He also expressed himself regarding what happens in the study between ladies and knights: “Everything that happens is true. This is evidenced by the fact that I found love. It is more or less the same today. It seems to me that some stories have become a little heavy. But in general, it is all based on the truth. There have been many couples who have found Happiness But there is someone who knows a lot, like Ricardo and Ida. Many are more interested in being out there than they are in finding someone“.

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