Did Shakira steal the cover of her new album from a famous Spanish singer?

Did Shakira steal the cover of her new album from a famous Spanish singer?

Did Shakira steal the cover of her new album from a famous Spanish singer?Instagram

Colombian Shakira decided to release a vinyl version of the song “Las mujeres ya no loran”. This edition will be on sale On March 22, 2024. While announcing this pleasant surprise, The singer announced on social media that she had uploaded the cover of her new album. This has produced many Comments for plagiarism. The album cover is very similar to that of Spanish singer Ana Mena.

“Women don't cry” It is the artist's twelfth albumHer record label Sony Music describes it as “an amazing testament to Shakira's resilience and strength, as well as… “For the power of music to transform the most difficult experiences into precious moments.”

the artist He shared the news on his social networksWhere she revealed the cover of this distinctive work of hers Where he appears with tears in his eyes, and the comparisons are not far behind.

A few hours after the Colombian announced her next jobSome users couldn't help but remember Anna Mena and the cover of her album “Bellodrama” in which she also appeared with glassy tears in her eyes. Other users have come out to defend Shakira claims she probably doesn't know who Anna Mena is.

The new album includes seven songs that were already on the market. Such as 'The Music Sessions Vol. 53' with Bezrab and “TQG” with Karol G, which first appeared, first of all, To the global Spotify Top 50 list.

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next to, 'Music Sessions Vol. 53' It is the Spanish-language song with the most plays in one day in Spotify history and won in categories “Song of the Year” and “Best Pop Song” at the Latin Grammy Awards Since last yearThe topic broke 12 Guinness records.

The other songs in “Las mujeres ya no loran” are “Te felicito” with Rau Alejandro, “Copa vácia” with Manuel Turizo, and “Acróstico” with Milan and Sasha Pique.The artist's children. They complete the disc Eight new songs and Remix.

The album will be released in four different versions; Each is accompanied by an exclusive color vinyl edition. It will come in red, ruby, emerald and diamond. The last color will be available to everyone Shops, While the first sale will be limited to its website and other more specific sites.

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