What a blow to poor Elari

What a blow to poor Elari

Totti and the scandalous background of his recent divorce from Elari. The story of the former captain’s flame came out and was immediately revealed.

Totti, betrayal – Nanopress.it

Old and new fires In the background now ex-couple Most popular in Italy, gossip star for days. Every new day, the details join the story, slowly building a rebuilding castle.

In fact, it seems that the old story involving Totti and his supposed story has resurfaced betrayal against ElariBefore marriage and the firstborn.

The former Roma captain, already at the time of the gossip, had ended up at the center of the accusations also by Corona who encouraged the story’s co-protagonist between Totti and Ilari Blasi to speak.

A son of fornication, Toti?

The episode goes back to a far place 2005, just before Francesco Totti married Blasi, their first child, Christian, was born. Actually looks like the former captain of Rome He betrayed his partner with a very popular showThat at that time there was already talk of someone Pregnancy.

There was obviously a lot of gossip and the interviews were true Flavia Ventou Bread released to the teeth of journalists. Despite various statements, Elari Blasey decided to believe in her future husband, and therefore married him soon after.

Flavia Ventou
Flavia Vento – Nanopress.it

In fact, I met Flavia Vento one night when Elari wasn’t around. I know she is a beautiful girl Let’s talk a few minutes And then, as happens in these situations full of people, we part because it’s me and me Cross paths with new people to welcome.

Totti had revealed, denying the accusations, an alleged affair with the showgirl.

It’s the wind. Greetings and smiles across the hall, without getting up To meet each other, then each devote himself to his own company. I’m leaving At home to sleep. Here, in his version this is the night Accused.

However, Flavia’s version appears to be slightly different in the following interviews that she will release later, with the support of Fabrizio Corona.

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Among his highly controversial statements compared to what the former captain revealed, Much more can be deduced. a night of passion Between the two, very little to cement a marriage with Ilary, specifically.

adultery The showgirl’s words seem to refer to an ambiguous one Pregnancy. Toti’s betrayal bore fruit for a child. In fact, it was believed for a long time that Flavia Ventou could be so Pregnant with the King of Rome about to marry.

Interviews with Vento were more than obvious, and rumors for a long time spoke of pleasant predictions for Francesco Totti and Flavia Vento.

Give Corona money so he doesn’t publish a second interview… He could have called me.Flavia said specifically about the fact that it appears that Totti was trying to cover up an alleged confession.

“Corona pushed me”: “Let’s tell this story that happened to you!It was a scoop. And all of Rome knew that. Then I called the Gente manager and asked him not to post. But he posted.

The showgirl then decided to return the box, astonishing the veracity of her testimonies:

“Especially for Ilary. I knew she was pregnant. After publishing, Lily Mora and Corona told me: “There is no need to talk about Totti anymore because Roma fans want to defeat you.”

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