It was a voice from San Marino, the festival finalist that brought Achilles Lauro to Eurovision, “pecionata”. here because of

Achille Lauro He will represent San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin from May 10-14. This is the only news that came out more than expected.”Marino’s tongue“, the ambitious festival was organized on Titan to choose the representative of the small republic lying between Romania and the Marche. The ambition is to diminish it, in fact, because last night we encountered the television example of the old adage “A step longer than the leg.”

Drunk by Maneskin’s victory in 2021 and the exorbitant numbers the Roman band has amassed around the world from the victory onwards, Italian singers of all statures and renowns head to the gates of San Marino to try out the “foreign” card. Suffice it to say that among the finalists of the horrific San Marino event, there were people who loved them Ivana Spagna, Valerio Scanno, Alberto Fortes, Francesco Monti, Matteo Faustini Down to people who are not even recognized in their area. With legions of Italian music at the gates, San Marinos thought they could play Sanremo, take part in communal drunkenness and show a bit of a commitment to reality. Achille Lauro, who came off with a broken bone from recent Sanremo and possibly a victim of stubborn overexposure, was the last to join the colorful, and predictably accessible, San Marino group to deliver his own performance on the pitch. The most important theater and its colors in Europe. It worked, good for him. Now it will be up to the situation in Turin not to change and to be able to qualify for the final Because otherwise the number would be too thin.

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But forget it Achille Lauro and his desire to be everywhere and at any cost. Let’s talk about the “Voice of San Marino”. Unrealistic attempt to monkey Sanremo? Yes, without a doubt. So much so that from the stage of the Nuovo di Dogana theater, conductor Jonathan Kachanian repeatedly launched himself into reckless excavations aimed at the last of Sanremo, proving that knowing one’s limits is a difficult task for everyone.

Instead of trying to contempt for themselves, and to come out as pariahs, with the most important national event popular in Italy, princes”Marino’s tongue“They could have tried to make the show, which was broadcast on San Marino TV frequencies, less amateurish. Audio problems, video quality from a pirate DVD from the early 2000s, directed by Condominium TV, Keywords, bad sketches, some songs in competition are really embarrassing, say the very young. In short, the evening was a series of disasters and things thrown in there by chance. But first of all it was a representation of an insufficiency and an amateur that happened, to the usual theory of terrible things spinning around and becoming interesting, it seemed even cult to many onlookers. On social media, it was all a victory for “What a trash!” However, it is good to be careful: litter is a very dangerous thing and to have credibility there must be people who are able to do it. The voice in “Una voce per San Marino” wasn’t rubbish.

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We can alternatively define it with a word that is included in Grande Raccordo Anulare: “Picionata”. Persistence of the phrase “I wish but I could not” which was ultimately frustrating for those who tried to keep a shaky hut decorated for a popular patriotic event and especially for those who had the courage to consider everything, from start to finish, only to understand where it was going. The hypnotic thing of the evening was undoubtedly the publicity roll. Each break was the same as the one before and after it, with the spots always staying the same. First the San Marino casino, then an app by an unrecognized chef to download and a national furniture brand to finally get to the masterpiece: a local hypermarket ad complete with table meat and fish overview.

Let’s be clear: we are still talking about a TV channel for a small country of 35 thousand people, for heaven’s sake, but if you present the event as something big and ambitious, even with global ambitions (by the way: the presentation in English is also embarrassing), then from the homeland we expect something big and ambitious with global ambitions. Or at least something decent, acceptable and dignified. no thing. There was nothing respectable about what we saw last night. They were bad things, poorly designed, carried and built.

The amusing glorification of ugly, hideous amateurs is understandable on social media, as the evening is spent cheerfully commenting on the atrocities being broadcast on TV. And that’s fine, it’s part of the game. But then you have to think about the bowls and try to give a serious and honest opinion. More than ‘Sound of San Marino’, but ‘torment from San Marino’.

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You know those bragging rights who take great pride in being great amateurs to tempt you and then, getting to the point, are boring and clumsy guitarists? Well, that’s exactly what happened. We were promised fireworks and instead found ourselves struggling with a partner who didn’t even know where to put their hands. Now, for the next year, it seems San Marino intends to repeat and touch that on Titan they are taking a clear direction: they can continue safely with the Safety da Sogo Festival in the wake of what we saw last night, for charity, however, in this case, it’s up tolower expectations. Even less so, in short, because if, on the contrary, they continue to sell that filthy mess of last night as a great continental event, they will have to rethink everything. We humbly recommend the Salama Da Sogo Festival way. You spend less and have more fun.

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