Is the way to get to Mars?

Is the way to get to Mars?

a few days ago Elmec 3D She organized a truly special event in her exceptional technology campus. This is theImpossible Gallery, an opportunity to think about the possibilities for advancement and how they create real concepts that hitherto seemed beyond imagination. This is also thanks to 3D printing, of which the company is a pioneer, which could one day be a long way off Basic To reach Mars and achieve more goals. Let’s try to find out why.

The Expo of the Impossible is taking us to Mars thanks to 3D printing

Like we said, the focus was on the whole event Ability of technological progress. Yet we have countless opportunities to understand how applied science is evolving quicklyIt opens doors to many innovations. Days like these allow entrepreneurs, technicians, stakeholders, simple enthusiasts, experts, students and many more to prove their point.

To do this, simply listen to the first-hand experience of those who deal with technology on a daily basis. Sometimes it is about people involved in the scientific process just like Bianca Maria ColosimoProfessor of Additive Manufacturing at Politecnico di Milano, or Tommaso GidiniHead of the Structures, Mechanisms and Materials Division of the European Space Agency (linked as he is busy after the launch of the Vega-C space rocket).

Other times they are characters who have experienced the impact on their lives of technologies such as 3D printing. This is the case for the Olympic rowing champion Sarah BertulassiFrom the biker Leonardo AbruzzoFrom Eduardo RamaSupply Chain Manager at Zeiss Vision Care, or from Aurelio ProserpioSailor and boat builder. Participate in the final round table moderated by the famous Rudy the flag.

Martina BallerioHead of Elmec 3D Business Unit commented as follows:

We have selected certifications from very different fields to ensure that additive manufacturing is transversal and applicable in various fields: from aerospace to medicine, from sports to automotive and marine, from manufacturing to tools, all the way to luxury. We at Elmec 3D put ourselves as “technological enablers” at the service of companies to make them understand how the inclusion of 3D printing in the production process allows to speed up production, improve costs and reduce waste“.

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The huge potential of bioprinting

3D Printing Mars Elmic Expo 01

The meeting was scheduled to open Bianca Maria Colosimo, Department of Mechanical Engineering. A prominent figure in the field of Advances in 3D printingwhich dealt with the topic of bioprinting. A topic that may seem like something destined to appear for the first time in the far futurebut the truth is that there were already the first concrete applications today.

One news that has caused quite a bit of buzz in recent weeks, for example, is the system The first bioprinted ear. Starting with the collection of cells, it was possible to recreate the cartilage used to give life to tissue that could be transplanted back into the patient. “Proving that this technology is no longer a question of “if” but “when”Said one of the team members behind this great development.

But the applications of bioprinting, with all its different technologies, are really a lot Even after transplantation. Biological tissue replication can provide a test bed, for example to test the effect of drugs. One way to contain (and possibly eliminate) the need to turn to it Animal experiments.

Already today it is possible to imagine the bioprinting of Many different fabrics. From the cornea to the skin (although there is no hair) to the bones, to many different organs. All with very exceptional capabilities.

Geopolitics of bioprinting

3D Printing Mars Elmic Expo 02

Until now, the western world still in the back in this area. We note this, for example, by analyzing the percentages of patents registered at the present time. Although the field originates mainly in the United States, about 75% of trials today are born in Asia, also due to less stringent legislation. But it is an area in which it will be important Move as quickly as possible.

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This is because bioprinting can help make great strides in creating much needed artificial meat. A product that in a time of water and energy and in a general environmental crisis can be essential, even if the costs are now often still prohibition.

Looking beyond our planet, bioprinting can be a great tool to promote itGalaxy exploration. The ability to reproduce tissue (and possibly even real organs) could be key to addressing the health of the crews of any off-planet missions. Imagine how useful it can be to anyone base on Mars The ability to use 3D printing to create an organ to replace.

Do we run too far? You can’t really know. Perhaps these revolutions are much closer than we think.

Not just bioprinting: 3D printing is essential for a mission to Mars

3D printing Mars Elmic Expo 05

as explained Tommaso Gidini, Professor at the Polytechnic, Head of Department at the European Space Agency, writer and popularizer, this technology has given an extraordinary impetus to space exploration. additive manufacturing very important Already in the planning stages of this trip.

The potential of these tools has already been understood for years. The application started by rebuilding the valve to be replaced. This new piece took anywhere from a few weeks to a few hours to be produced, with more resistant materials and at a lower cost. Not only that, but as it was a different production process, with fewer restrictions, it allowed design revision, creating a more performing result. In short, you can create Better cutWith better materials, in less time and at lower cost. Victory on all fronts.

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Plus it’s hard Overestimate the importance which may be for maintenance. Sending supplies to the International Space Station (and more so to any lunar or Martian bases) costs a lot, in terms of money and time. A spare part order can contain a file very strong effect in the task.

This is why we use a file 3D printing, both plastic and metal in the near future. It is no longer necessary to carry spare parts: it is enough to bring materials and machines and then create them when necessary, with great savings.

Will 3D printing create a base on Mars?

3D Printing Mars Elmic Expo 04

Efforts to promote the application of additive manufacturing in the aviation sector are intense. An example is the initiative IAMSPACE, which stands for Italy for additive manufacturing in space. It is a technology that enables our exploration dreams to come true, both on satellite and beyond. Without this technology it is practically impossible to think of i . performance Next steps.

There were already tests for Create a lunar base in an automated manner. By dispatching robots and 3D printing machines, it is now theoretically possible to build a structure on our satellite that can accommodate a mission. This is by exploiting lunar regolith All landers have landed in the past and never returned to Earth, with exceptional results in terms of cost containment.

We’re still in the early stages of this project, but we’re already starting to look beyond. Maybe it will reach Mars, just by exploitation Same mechanism as 3D printing. An incredible dream that can come true soon…

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