Turns and accidents for one of Silvia’s sisters, her life is in danger

Turns and accidents for one of Silvia’s sisters, her life is in danger

Six Sisters step forward: There are only a few episodes left for this new weekend. Elisa brings together another person for her

Set in Madrid in 1913, the TV series managed to conquer just like the Italian series before it, garnering huge ratings. The plot begins when both sisters Silvia’s father passes away, and in order to preserve their reputation and economic status, in the absence of male brothers, I am forced to lie about their father’s death in order to try to continue running a factory. This happens at a very complicated moment, all five sisters have actually made their first appearance in society and have already been looking for a husband while Elisa, the last arrival, is one step away from completing this ceremony. Perhaps it was her young age that caused the youngest member of the family to behave in a very impulsive manner compared to the other sisters. The desire to make a debut and find great love outweighs the desire to understand the economic difficulties the family is going through.

Big corporations are forced to reason with him and make it clear that his debut must be postponed. Elisa then collects one of them, and turns to her aunt, who confesses that she is not, in fact, the daughter of her dead father, but her husband’s daughter. Unlike her sisters, Elisa is the daughter of her mother’s secret affair with her sister’s husband. Recognized by the latter, she decides to ask for money for her ordination, which puts the rest of the family in a crisis: many begin to suspect Don Fernando’s death. As if that weren’t enough, Elisa also pretends to take revenge on her sisters by asking for some treasured things that belong to the family.

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Six sisters step forward: Elisa is a victim of a disaster

The first episodes of the series focused more on Diana, who, along with Salvador, tries to help all those suffering from smallpox. When she receives the marriage proposal, she cannot turn around due to her sister Francisca’s serious health conditions. Once this bad period passes, all the Silva sisters try to go back to their normal activities especially Elisa again and press the issue of debut. In fact, the younger sister is busy in organizing the party for her dear friend.

In today’s episode, Germain delivers a letter from Don Mauro to Adela which, when read, turns the woman upside down. Elisa, on the other hand, when she returns secretly from the party she has organized for her friend, she has a very bad accident.

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