Fisker Pear, the Italian-speaking electric crossover original model, is the younger sister of the Ocean

Fisker Pear, the Italian-speaking electric crossover original model, is the younger sister of the Ocean

The future of cars is increasingly shaped as a path to electric motors utopia: and there seems to be more and more “Italianity” in this, also thanks to Fisker Pear. that by saying?

Interesting new Transitions Electric type with an Italian flavour. Fisker seems intent on stepping up his hard work rise of In the foreground electrical with forward-looking options.

any? In particular, as mentioned, by A Transitions This will speak Italianso to speak: which, in addition to the ingenious stylistic choice, will apparently be spoken of for many other aspects.

A little like a little sister Ocean, New registered vehicle Fisker It piques everyone’s curiosity. From Europe to the USA, almost making the opposite transition from traditional American roads, there it is Transitions Who wants to stand out.

Fisker, a manufacturer in the USA, accelerated the structural homologation of the model in question first in European territory, and then in United States of America: So Ocean Get off here first.

Fisker electric supercar: when will it arrive?

It will start in countries like Austria and Denmark, followed by i French and German markets, Norwegian and then again Spanish, Swedish and British. But to what price, above all?

price list Transitions He must be around Forty-three thousand euros. Another doubt that interests enthusiasts and insiders? And Italy? When will we see the crossover here?

With us, we will have to wait for the second step, to have a few more months to enjoy a launch The ocean is one. But what will we see, what kind of car will we encounter?

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The car, amazingly cool, will have a twin engine with all-wheel drive, but also a super and sport version, with a single engine and 205 kW. In principle, we should be able to wait until September.

Battery, estate, and Fisker’s landing place

Among other things, as we said at the beginning, this SUV It also has a little bit of Italy in its soul: the engineering side done Italdesign. What does this vehicle include?

Electric Car – (Motorzoom)

From the point of view of autonomy, on the heels of homogeneity obtained, we talk about 700 km On a single charge, which means a lot more than other SUV’s slice, At least for now.

Specialists refer to put up, through assumptions, Always twenty percent of the average, but with that it comes about 567 km Which, in fact, is still at a very high level.

As you know, performance And Duration from Recharges These are some of the issues that electric cars have to contend with and, especially at this point, overcome with even a hint of basic skepticism. In this case the exam appears Passed.

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