Special Harvest, Sant Jordi Special

Special Harvest, Sant Jordi Special

He has already arrived Saint George From Novoul, we have selected some literary developments for this year. Today in Collitapropria we advise you to read the article For feminist nationalism Dr'ines martinez, Where he talks about it Motherhood or barbarism (Zawya) is a polyphonic work that aspires to create a matrix that does not leave anyone on the sidelines and in which the rights of all are a national priority. We also highlight the interview that Martinez Made Maria Armani laureate of the Documenta Prize 2024 with The forest must be reached when it is still dark (The other editorial). He tells us in the episode how the meeting was.

Published by Lucia Petrelli Deimos (bad weed). It is the story of the girl Laia, who is searching for herself from the ghost of her mother, who one day left an island from which you cannot leave. Paul Torres He commented on it in the article Ode to death He defines the work as “lyrical horror.”

For drawing enthusiasts, we are talking about veteran illustrator Roser Capdevila on the occasion of its re-release The girl who wanted to draw I Oh! Oh! My hair (Bindi Books), two autobiographical works. Ona Fabrega He interviewed her and in Coletta Propria he commented on the two posts and explained what the meeting with the “mother of the triplets” was like.

On the other side, Joan Bordeaux He interviewed Antoni Lena, one of the great Catalan artists who is now publishing Ten Summers in Campins (Barcenot), a collection of essays on the works of Antoni Tàpies and their relationship.

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Today we're also highlighting three book reviews. in the first place, Bernat Puigtobilla He has read the Anagrama Novel Book Prize 2024, Like a beat on a microphoneWritten by Clara Queralto and talked about in the article Poor son of a bitch. also, Agus Izquierdo comment Everything but death By comedian Mark Saratz in the article JD-Tall Mutant. The author explains to Coletta Propria why he recommends it as a gift to Sant Jordi.

finally, Marta Alleger Evaluate the latest works of Eva Balthasar, Sunset and magic (Tahrir Club). You can read the review in Revista de Primavera de Núvol and if you want to get to know the author in depth, you can retrieve the interview that Marta Aliguer conducted with Baltasar in March. have a good day!

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