updated | Oppo ban in Germany, Nokia’s first defeats after initial victories

updated |  Oppo ban in Germany, Nokia’s first defeats after initial victories

Updated on 10/12/2022 at 11:11

As shared by PatentsAnd the So it looks like Oppo has scored some victories In this complex and long legal battle that sees the company committed against Nokia in several countries.

Nokia’s lead is off to a good start, with five wins out of five in the first steps of this patent war. Given the inertia the Finnish company gained in this first momentum, one could have imagined that Oppo would have given in by accepting an agreement, as it usually happens in this kind of legal situation. However, Oppo is a very flexible company It is clear that it prefers to continue its fight against the European telecom giant. And he seems right to do so!

After the first four German commands, The Düsseldorf Regional Court has suspended two cases of Nokia against OppoAs did the Munich First Regional Court about a month ago.

The Mannheim Regional Court confirmed to the Fosspatents on October 10 that The trial between Nokia and Oppo that was scheduled for yesterday has been canceled. Nokia appears to have withdrawn the complaint filed in Mannheim against OnePlus (now a sub-brand of Oppo) regarding one of the patents it had won in Munich.

A court spokesperson also confirmed that the court had earlier informed the parties of its initial opinion It does not appear that the patent in question has actually been infringedContrary to what the Munich court ruled against Oppo (and not against OnePlus).

Last weekend, the US Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) approved a petition from Oppo and initiated an inter-party review of Nokia’s patent because “[Oppo] Demonstrate a reasonable prospect of overriding all disputed claims in his petition“.

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Obviously, we will continue to update you on this issue. Below you will find the original article dated October 11, 2022.

OPPO And OnePlus is still banned in Germany, Requests to stop the execution of orders were denied. This is the news that comes from Northern Europe, and confirms once again the bureaucratic process that began in 2021 and that we have already told you about recently.

At the center of the dispute are patents related to the use of 4G and 5G technologiesIntellectual property rights registered and filed by Nokia during 2018.

Officially, the facts affected are Oppo and its subsidiary OnePlus. Instead, Lenovo and its subsidiary Motorola accepted the Finnish company’s requests.

This is correct. Nokia has attempted to enter into negotiations with the parties, making possible the use of its patents by paying a fee of 2.50 EUR for every smartphone sold. Lenovo was willing to accept Nokia’s proposal, which did not do the same, it was Oppo who responded with a petition with the strong motive that the amount requested was set too high.

And precisely in the past few hours, realizing that the appeal did not go as the Chinese company had hoped, it found itself taking note of the legal decision by removing patent-infringing smartphones from the catalog of the site located in Germany. in the question.

After the sale of physical stores is prohibited, Nokia has now managed to kick Oppo out of the online market too. The German court in Karlsruhe has in fact rejected OPPO’s requests to suspend the execution of Nokia’s orders in Mannheim.

So it seems that the story of Oppo in the German market has come to an unpleasant conclusion and that its subsidiary OnePlus must also be a victim of the same tragic fate.

not everything. It appears that Nokia is taking measures to acquire new blocks in other European countriesas I did Already made in Hollandalso towards Vivo.

But for this development, we still have to wait.

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