Arena Suzuki ’60 ’70 ’80 ’90, Guests and Singers Group Live on Rai 1 with Amadeus

Arena Suzuki ’60 ’70 ’80 ’90, Guests and Singers Group Live on Rai 1 with Amadeus

The second episode of Arena Suzuki ’60 ’70 ’80 and… ’90, the show directed by Amadeus will air on Saturday, September 24th: Here are the guests and tonight’s lineup.

Amadeus (Photo by Marco Rossi for Ray’s press office)

It was recorded on September 13 in Verona Arena in full, this evening, September 24 will be broadcast The second episode of Arena Suzuki – Named after the sponsor – Broadcast on Rai1 and conducted by Amadeus. After prime-time success, this show, envisioned as true karaoke, returns with the successes that marked four decades, the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, with some of the champions on the Scala stage, where the bandleader will return to the console that surrounds him Massimo Alberti, with whom he will listen during the evenings to his music collection and playlists.

Guests attending Arena Suzuki on September 24, 2022

We’re still coming back to live on a musical rollercoaster at the turn of 40 years, with hits plenty to know about that won’t tarnish in perfect karaoke. From “Barbie Girl” to “Disco Inferno”, passing through “Lemon Tree”, “You are the most beautiful in the world” and “Please don’t go”, the Arena has become unruly and even the home audience is satisfied. Here’s the September 13 lineup, although we don’t know yet if this will be the order of the release on TV.

  • Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) – “Relax”, “The Power of Love”
  • Aqua – “Barbie Girl”
  • Tramps – “Disco Hell”
  • Hedaway – “What is love”
  • Umberto Tozzi – “Stay Star”
  • Katrina – “Walking in the Sunshine”
  • Garden of Fools – “Lemon Tree”
  • Nick Kershaw – “The Enigma”
  • Fabio Concato – “Bestial Sunday”
  • Amy Stewart – “Knock on Wood”
  • Missiles – “Galactica”
  • Double D – “I Found Love”
  • Dick Dick – “Isle of Wight”
  • Double you – “please don’t go”
  • Raf – “You are the most beautiful in the world”
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Where to see Arena Suzuki on TV and live

Also the second evening of Arena Suzuki ’60 ’70 ’80 and… ’90 It will air in prime time on rai1 in addition to the first, as will the third, which will air on October 1. Viewers will be able to follow it starting at 21.25 or on RaiPlay, where it will also be available in the following days. Episode One on Saturday 17th September seen by 3093000 spectators equals 21.81% stake

How much was the Arena Suzuki ticket?

Three concerts sold out at Verona Arena, so there was a whole house to see the three-day nostalgia conducted by Amadeus. For the thousands of people who decided to buy the ticket, the cost ranged from €5 for numbered steps with a limited sideshow up to €50 for numbered booths.

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