Isola 16, Henger gets close to Luca Daffrè: Tavassi’s reaction

Isola 16, Henger gets close to Luca Daffrè: Tavassi’s reaction

In the The first weekly date Celebrity IslandAnd Live last night Channel 5they have arrived Guapissimi: two new untouchables Gennaro Olito And Luca Davry Which may have already aroused the interest of some outcasts.

Estefania Bernal She’s back in the game and as a manor and ready to live her adventure in a different way: “I am also back as a bachelor. Here on the island everything can change and everything can happen overnight. I am very calm and calm with my choice.” In addition, he carried the backpack Roger Baldwin to put it from Gennaro.

boy talking Marco Kokolo He said: “I’m fine tonight and in the long run it will be fine too, there’s a lot to discover. I’m curious. He wants to turn the page and we’ll turn it if we get the chance. I’m sure.”

He added in confession:

stefania Immediately pay a bag of Present And we got close. At the moment there is only a friendship and I hope a relationship will be established but everything is to be seen.

During yesterday’s episode, the relationship that was born between them Eduardo Tavasi And Mercedes Hinger Seems to stop, the Roman outcast no longer trusts the girl who was also named by the group.

mercedesAfter the live broadcast, he started talking with Daffrè: “It was a completely different situation before you arrived.” Luca to reply: “If you are the interested party, I am also happy to let you know.”

EdwardSeeing the situation, the families in his sister and Carmen de Petro Underline: “The replacement had already found, I was replaced immediately. It was true love. An hour and a one-hour recovery time.”

Then he added in confession:

He was already talking to the new people. Love lasts an hour after you fall in love with someone else, that’s it. The emotional part is already there. Before he cries at sunset and now.

Gwendolyn He also said to his brother:She calculates that it is identical to the ex-boyfriend she was with before. I thought it was him when he arrived. identical.” then on Edward He said: “Knowing my brother, it’s not as if he put a cross on him, or a raft over everything on the island.”

here is the day today.

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