Amici 22, previews for Sunday 6 November 2022: Standings

Amici 22, previews for Sunday 6 November 2022: Standings

Today, Thursday, November 3, 2022, the seventh episode of the 22nd edition of Amici was recorded on the air on Sunday, November 6.

Today, Thursday, November 3, 2022, The seventh episode of the 22nd edition of Amici . was taped who will broadcast Next Sunday, November 6, at 2 pm on the 5th of Kanal.

Amici 22: Previews released on the Amici News Instagram page

Episode guests: Christian Malgioglio, Beppe Vessicchio And the Marco Mingoni.

New racing cover. The 22 Amici singers were judged this week by Cristiano Malgoglio.

Here are the scores:

Federica 10
Tommy Daly 10
clique 10
Ndg 9 After two weeks in last place, after lyrics Lorella KocariniHe managed to get up.

wax 9
Nevu 7+
escanio 7+

There was also a surprise singing competition imagine. To suggest were: Tommy DalyAnd the Nevu And the Aaron. To judge him was the beloved teacher vesicio. winner, Tommy.

a task Aaron given by Arissa. The singer is completely superior to him in singing It’s me.

On the other hand, the dancers were judged Froze.

Madeleinein 8.5
Megan 8.5
Samo 8
Mattia 7.5
Claudia 7. All children were specifically involved:
Rita 6.5
Ludovica 6+
Gianmarco 6
Ramon He did not participate in the competition because he had to bring to the stage the hip-hop assignment that was assigned to him and that Spilo showed.

with Ramon Disclosed Alessandra Celentano. The teacher scolds him because the dancer is constantly seeking attention. There was a dance between Alessandra Celentano and Cristiano Malgoglio to the music of Meghan’s dance a little while ago. The balloon was for Elena Damario. to send it to him Samo Who told her that he loves her and regrets the age difference. Another balloon for GianmarcoFrom Megan Who frankly points out the difference in behavior with her and others and asks him not to be influenced by anyone. balloon also to Ndgbut the sender remained unknown, and for Samuel da Piccolo J, the singer asked the dancer to re-evaluate him and admit that he suffered a lot.

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Then came a video of Samuel. Last week he had asked, after those who speak of different couples’ kisses, if there was something to him too and so, as a joke, they showed what the third wheel was among the various “lovebirds.”

small G He won the challenge he wanted Arissa. to judge him Beppe Vessicchio. We will see this challenge on Monday in day time. Arissa She was no longer convinced to endanger the boy, but the latter still wanted to do so. The challenger? Two, or whoever loses to him NevuAfter winning the unpublished competition and working with several producers, the singles: waxAnd the Ndg And the Tommy

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