Rap and guns, Fedez’s prophecy: “Within a year…” Gigi D’Alessio’s reaction

Rap and guns, Fedez’s prophecy: “Within a year…”  Gigi D’Alessio’s reaction

“I’ve been saying this for two years that we’re going to die – Fedez sounds the alarm – if you in the rap scene consider this part of the game, I put my hand on it in a year we’re going to die. Do we have to come to this?’” Muschio Selvaggio” The Milanese singer talks about the Italian rap scene and returns to talk about the 24-year-old rapper Shiva who ended up in prison on charges of attempted murder. Although the topic of the episode was a generational comparison between two icons of the music scene In Naples, Gigi D’Alessio and Lucci, but Chiara Ferragni’s husband shifted the focus to the Shiva case, recalling how local rappers united in defense of the completed boy in prison. “To say that you are in the clutches of the state, or that you are a victim of it, isn’t that an exaggeration? – Fedez asks – Saying I’m sorry my friend is in prison is a good thing! But when you read the comments from the public, you get the feeling that he was seen as a victim. Isn’t that a bit dangerous?”

Singer Marra and the two guests also wondered about the validity of defamation – in rap music, in a song or lyric, or exchanging poisonous jokes with the aim of mocking or insulting one or more people. The Neapolitan rapper commented: “All this hate and negativity in the end only entertains the audience but hurts the artists. It’s useless neither on a human level nor on a business level! I don’t need this negativity anymore.”

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Therefore the world of Italian rap is full of negativity and reckless choices: “If you are a rapper, do you have to keep your gun at home? – asks Gigi D’Alessio – my question is this! No, because he says we will die, you say to me, I will show you what is happening in Naples, You’re putting a lot of terror down my neck, I’m afraid!’ Shortly afterwards, Fedez asked him ‘In your opinion, since you’re in the middle of it, what should be done to prevent someone from dying?’ ‘Guns with blanks,’ Gigi D’Alessio commented sarcastically.

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