McKinney got out of control, tearing his shirt and harassing opponents

McKinney got out of control, tearing his shirt and harassing opponents

The semi-final of the CONCACAF Nations League between the United States and Mexico ended with the victory of the Americans but above all with a real bullfight that reduced the teams to 9. Among the main protagonists in the struggle on the field is the former Juventus. Weston McKinney player.

Semi-final between United States and Mexico For CONCACAF, it ended with the qualification of the USA, in a tough and tough competition, which led to the final in a huge public brawl witnessed by one of the main champions. Weston McKinney, formerly Black and White today at Leeds United. For him, a torn shirt and being sent off for unsportsmanlike behavior in a game the teams finished 9 to 9.

The historic rivalry between the United States and Mexico was evident on the field from the first minute in a very tense match, in which the match manager, Salvadoran Ivan Barton, had to fight from the start to maintain control, then lost as the minutes went by and the match deteriorated into the second half. The goal in the first period and the double at the beginning of the second period The savage Pulisic who guided us to the final in favor of the Americans.

From the 60th minute onwards, with the score at 2-0, football was no longer playedThe first yellow cards erupted, and then the spark that ignited the American fury ignited on the field and in the stands of the allegiant stadium, which was soon to be transformed into a bullfighting stadium. It’s your chance to unleash hell A very bad mistake by Mexican defender Montes on young attacking midfielder Folarin BalogumA kick from behind to hit the opponent directly, which costs Direct Red but triggers the reaction of his teammates.

A full-blown brawl on the field involving all the players present, incl McKinney is among the people most eager to have justice in his hands: The former Juventus player threw himself against his opponents in search of a face-to-face confrontation with Montes and in the general excitement he found himself with his shirt literally torn. The match was stopped for about 5 minutes, during which McKinney, who was encouraged by the home crowd, first began to mock him, showing him the second number with his hands, like goals scored, and then Scandalous kiss his jacket. But even for him there was no return to the field: a direct dismissal for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Calmness returned to the field with difficulty, while in the stands the struggle continued against Mexico, against its players. Throwing things continued, I tried to play again. By the time the USA also scored the third, conflict broke out again between the players after a disputed side foul: hands to the face, pushes and new challenges between the players. like Two more reds arrivedone on each side to Dest (USA) and Arteaga (Mexico), with the match ending 9 to 9. It saw, for the record, the USA reach the final where they would face Canada (who had been bested over Panama) on June 19.

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