The mysterious disappearance of a young traveler in a “van” moves the United States

Los Angeles | The mysterious disappearance of a young New Yorker who was documenting his journey across the United States on social networks in a modified “van” has sparked great interest among Americans, as a police video revealed on Thursday that he had put his fiance in an unfavorable light.

Gabrielle Petito, 22, left New York in July with her partner, Brian Laundry, 23, for the start of a four-month van voyage and the couple continued to share their status on Instagram and YouTube. Photos and videos.

During this “road trip” to the majestic setting of national parks in the western US, we see blonde with blue eyes walking down a valley river or browsing the sand dunes.

But Brian Laundry returned to his Florida home on Sept. 1, ten days before Gabriel Petito’s family announced that she was missing, according to police in the North Harbor where the couple lived.

The young woman, whose last contact with her family came from the end of August, is said to have been last seen in the vast Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Brian Laundry “showed no interest in answering investigators’ questions” and “did not provide useful information”, declaring him “worthy of interrogation” on Wednesday, according to police, the moment he has not yet been considered a suspect.

North Port police said they had interviewed “all major television stations and about 60 media outlets in the last 48 hours” to demonstrate media interest in the case.

Brian denies where he last saw her to Coffee’s family. Brian refuses to explain why he left KP alone and drove the van to Florida. These are important questions that need immediate answers, ”the traveler’s family said in a statement.

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“How could Brian be the only person who knew where KP was?”

Several U.S. media outlets reported that police in Moab, a small town in Utah, intervened on August 12 during an argument between the couple.

The young woman appears to be very flexible in the video recorded on an agent’s pedestrian camera, which was made public by police on Thursday.

The United States is curious about the young woman’s disappearance, many news items are being posted on social media to help find her, and accounts with several thousand subscribers on Instagram are following the progress of the investigation.

A pot created on GoFundMe on Thursday to “raise funds to find KP Petito” totaled more than $ 43,000.

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