There is the name of the player in question

There is the name of the player in question

News show on Sex scandal Who beat Real Madrid. Indeed, the name of one of them has been identified Four young Spanish footballers Under indictment (including three who were arrested by the Civil Guard) on charges Posting a video with sexual content with a minor under the age of 16.

Sex scandal at Real Madrid: Name of one of those arrested

The Civil Guard has not yet revealed the identity of the suspects, but according to official Civil Guard sources Gran CanariaThe place where the arrests were made, one of the four players will be named Raul Asensio. The Spaniard, born in 2003, is a Real Madrid Castilla player, and received his first call-up from the club last year. Spain U19. Raul Asensio, the centre-back, has lived almost his entire young career at Cantera real madridHe started from Las Palmas and joined Los Blancos at the age of 14. At the time of the offensive video he was in Real Madrid cIt is the club’s third team that plays in the fifth level of the Spanish League. The reconstruction of the events presented by the Spanish media coincides with the movements of the player who was present in the same room in which the video was recorded.

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