“Di Bello does not prevent and unleashes Bondo-Kafara”

“Di Bello does not prevent and unleashes Bondo-Kafara”

Di Bello's management ended up past both Walter Mazzarri and Aurelio De Laurentiis who talked after the match about a rugby match. The slow motion published by the newspaper Corriere dello Sport seems to agree with the protagonists: “Di Bello’s match was not ideal from a behavioral point of view: the block that led to the face-to-face confrontation.” Bondo-Kfara is to blame for its lack of preventionMazzarri was naive to leave the technical area to go and protest (and not to calm things down), but that situation was due to the referee’s actions in managing the match. The disciplinary system was also reviewed (3 red, 8 yellow, 31 fouls), and recovery management was poor.

About the rings: “Mario Rui’s right arm, when Colbani shoots, even if it is parallel to the body, stops the direct shot on goal, it is not really an attacker, and it is easier to punish it than to go up over the mirrors. The penalty kick is there, and rightly so.” Napoli protested and asked Penalty kick for Gagliardini's right arm. “Di Bello's interpretation is correct: he gets up and the ball comes at him almost suddenly, with the arm position matching the movement he makes.”

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