Canadian Grand Prix: Verstappen in pole position. Leclerc’s eleventh disaster: “I don’t agree with Ferrari in choosing tyres”

Canadian Grand Prix: Verstappen in pole position.  Leclerc’s eleventh disaster: “I don’t agree with Ferrari in choosing tyres”

Slippery and crazy rain qualifiers, in Montreal. Grid is down, except for Pullman: Max Verstappen. It is the 25th in his career for the Dutchman, the fifth this season as an absolute ruler, the third in a row, and the second in. Canada Next up in 2022. An excellent start to the race which could lead him to success #41 and tying Ayrton Senna. him and her Red Bull They are simply playing in another league: they work in all conditions and against all unexpected events. Max: “In wet weather you always have to be on your toes, pay close attention, we made the right decisions. I love driving in these conditions, I come from Holland and we are used to rain. Racing? It probably won’t rain, but usually we have a good car “. more amazing.

Hulkenberg is in the front row

which never fails. At least in his hands: Sergio Perez Eliminated in Q2. This is the third qualifier in a row that the Mexican failed. He calls it a “disaster”. The session ends about a minute before the checkered flag, Piastri goes against the wall and in a downpour the activities are interrupted when behind Max there is a Haas Off Hulkenberg (incredibly) and less surprisingly so is the Aston Marton Alonso. Spaniard: “It wasn’t easy, you had to understand when to make choices and correct them.” actually. behind him Mercedes to Hamilton And Russell.

Verstappen chases Senna: With his victory in Canada, the world champion is linked to the Brazilian legend

by Alessandra Retico

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Leclerc vs Ferrari: “Wrong tyres, I didn’t agree”

And on the best weekend of FerrariJudging by the pace of the race on Friday, the Reds are taking the plunge. Charles Locklear Refused in Q2, he will start in 11th position. He couldn’t find time with the unsuitable weather-variable tires: he asked for dry tires and they gave him intermediate ones, when it started raining again, the switch to slicks and wet ones came too late. With one shot when the clock runs out, he goes away. He shouts. Then, to the mics: “It wasn’t hard to read that the track was dry. I don’t know why we stayed with the mids in the dry and slicks of wet spots. We make life hard on ourselves when it could have been easy. I disagree with the team this time?” “. Later, after the anger was over, Charles said: “Before I spoke, I let myself go, because there was so much passion. It wasn’t easy, but I also didn’t do a great job. Too bad. Best Ferrari yet? I don’t want to create expectations, But the feelings are very good. Gilles helmet? He decided a month ago. Too bad he will start 11th. But I will give everything.” Team principal Fred Vassauer appreciates: “We had one-on-one discussions with Charles, we needed him to go for a lap to protect himself from the red flag. Qualifying is on the edge, sometimes it’s just the wrong place at the wrong time. Too bad, because the machine has improved.”

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Sainz is under investigation

Doesn’t get much better at Carlos Sainz8: An accident in the last free practice, his red quickly regrouped (rear, gearbox, front spoiler) for qualifying, but there may still be some confusion in the Spaniard. Alpine hampers Flirtatious (omitted in the first quarter), he risks three penalty situations. The same thing happened to him in Free Practice 3 with Albon without suffering consequences. Carlos: Carlos: “Tough day from a psychological point of view, after the hit I didn’t want to have another crash, it was hard to bear in the circumstances, in the third quarter bad luck with the red flag. Do I expect penalties? I have to speak up, in In this case we all wanted to cross the finish line. For Ferraris, it will be a very long way.

Leclerc, Gilles Villeneuve’s helmet became a status quo for Ferrari

by Alessandra Retico

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