Matzio: “Investing in science against disinformation”

Matzio: “Investing in science against disinformation”

in a World Stroke Day, The Regional Council of Tuscany is hosting a Confcommercio Toscana Onlus conference. “A stroke – a few minutes worth a lifetime,” is what we’re talking about today, Friday, October 29, at the Palazzo del Pegaso.

President of the Council of Tuscany, Antonio Matzio, who is involved in Bari for the meeting of regional council presidents, gave his greetings to a video message. “I thank the President of Confcommercio Toscana, Aldo Corsano, and president of the Confcommercio Toscana Foundation, Antonio Vanucci, to choose this place – says Mazzeo -. We want to make the seat of the Regional Council an open place to discuss the major issues that affect the lives of each of us. This is the right way.” The president added that the pandemic has highlighted some basic options: “When it comes to health, treatment and medicine, we must rely on science. I am really happy to host this initiative of yours, because where there is science and knowledge, we want to be there. Being more aware means that women and men are freer. We must do more and more – says Matzio -, invest in prevention, invest in research, and make sure science wins, and disinformation prevails, to give hope to those who also find themselves facing this disease.”

To promote a broader understanding of the disease, the Confcommercio Toscana Foundation organizes a series of open meetings on this topic in our region. This morning’s conference is being sponsored, among others, by the Tuscany region and in cooperation with the Regional Council.

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Stroke, as stated on the information page of Confcommercio Toscana, affects about ten thousand people each year in Tuscany alone. Worldwide, it is the second leading cause of death and the third leading cause of death in industrialized countries, after cardiovascular disease and cancer. It causes 10-12 percent of all deaths within a year, and is the leading cause of disability and the second leading cause of dementia. Learning to recognize the first symptoms can avoid the worst consequences.

The title of the meeting “Stroke, a few minutes worth a lifetime” is borrowed from the verbal homogeneous institutional campaign carried out by the Tuscany region. enter Marzia BaldericheCnr Researcher. Clinical Director of the Tuscan Stroke Network, Giovanni Orlandi (Stroke Unit, University Hospital of Pisa), Director of Operations Center Azienda Usl 3 Pistoia, Piero Paolini and Director of the Stroke Unit at Carigi University Hospital, Patrizia Nincini Director Inps Toscana, Christina Dida; President of ALICe (Association Against Stroke) Tuscany, Alessandro Viviani And President Alesi Firenze, Domenico Nzitari.

Source: Tuscany Regional Council

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