Dogs Play More Voluntarily If We Notice It: Science Explains Why

Dogs Play More Voluntarily If We Notice It: Science Explains Why

We all know dogs love it play a lot. They really enjoy playing their favorite games. But did you notice one very particular detail? Have you paid attention to the fact that when you observe your dog, the animal enjoys playing more?

In short, observing the dog while playing seems to allow him to play More willingly. It will not be just an impression, because at the base there will be real motives. This is what the experts on the subject have found.

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A group of researchers from Arizona State University and Monmouth University spoke about this situation. In particular, scientists argue that our four-legged friends are more willing to play and socialize with human friends watching her.

Experts developed a real experiment, which involved ten pairs of dogs, who had been living together for at least six months.

The researchers made recordings to see if there were any changes in animal behavior. In the first case, the dogs were photographed while they were alone. The tapes were then made while the canine’s human friends were present but distracted. Finally, the movies were filmed when humans interact with, talk to, and hold dogs.

Therefore, it has been observed that while we observe them, dogs are more willing to play the game. In this case they show one more joy and a big one Prepare to mingle.

Why does all this happen?

But why does this happen? According to the experts who conducted the experiment, this is likely to happen because the animals are trying in every possible way Draws attention of their human friend. It is a behavior that we can innately identify, because even when they are puppies, dogs try to get the mother’s attention.

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It is also possible that the increased liveliness of the game is due to the fact that dogs try to evoke a sense of joy in humans, Hoping to get a rewardwhich can also be just pampering.

Of course, it is also believed that the reason can be formed by the atmosphere created in the game environment, which he prefers precisely because of the presence of humans watching animals while they are enjoying games.

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In short, this research is sure to be a great way to learn more about our animal friends who feel like it safer When we are present, even during their matches.

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