“Icardi will be China’s Suarez friend”: a gossip bomb from Argentina

Back to Argentina for China Suarez. The 29-year-old actress and singer has spent the past month in Madrid, where she has been busy filming a new movie starring alongside Alvaro Morte, the famous professor of Dar El Waraq. As soon as she arrived in Buenos Aires, several Chinese journalists and photographers stopped commenting on the matter. Wanda Icardi. Suarez preferred to keep her mouth shut until she once cried in amusement: “How hot, isn’t it?”.

Weather forecast for Icardi, China

Despite the reconciliation between them Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi Theories and rumors are still circulating about the emotional future of the Paris Saint-Germain player. During an Argentine television program, journalist Flavio Azzaro indulged in a hot comment on the fate of the athlete and artist: “There are serious chances that Icardi will become China’s new friend in the future. He is attracted to her, is attached to her and wants to be separated from Wanda for a long time. But when it happened, he was scared.” Is the rapprochement between Icardi and his agent and then the hours are numbered?

Stay informed and discover all there is to know about the history between Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara

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Irjuna Soleimani has her say in the Wanda Icardi case

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