Married at First Sight 11: The couples get along, but one of them leaves us confused. Here because

Married at First Sight 11: The couples get along, but one of them leaves us confused.  Here because

After a series of incompatible pairings, formed almost exclusively with the aim of provoking arguments and arguments, it is comforting to see that Marriage at first sight I decided, at least for now, to bring together individuals who can (really) make up for each other’s shortcomings. In the second episode of the real-time documentary — which most die-hards can catch up with a fair amount of progress on Discovery+ — it seems clear that, in fact, this edition’s heroes have it all Intention to get to know each other Deepening the bond that the experts had just drawn on paper, bringing them close to each other. The evidence of a blindfold being discovered right on the altar, with the future husband or wife standing just a few centimeters away, would have been a double-edged sword as it would have immediately caught the singles’ attention in a state of astonishment and disappointment – which, for one thing, Example, it happened to Christina Cady Danesi and Mattia Viteretti In 2022, as fans of Marriage at first sight – But fortunately, the cameras did not record any incidents.

The expressions of the experiment participants turned out to be so relaxed and conniving, to the point of almost making us cry at the thought that the experts had finally guessed the right cast for the experiment to be based on. Marriage at first sight — that is, trying to find out whether two people who marry in the dark have any chance of remaining united by gradually getting to know each other — succeeds in achieving its goal. From first impressions, it is clear that one of the pair has a clear advantage over the others: he is the one who is made up of Alberto Meliziano – Twenty-eight years of Nova Milanese, orthopedic doctor – H Sonia Leverance -Twenty-seven years of Faenza, mechanical designer career -. From the first approach In fact, it became immediately clear to us that their chemistry is strong and intense on a physical level – For them, the kiss has already arrived, and not only that – but on a mental level. They seek out each other, touch, and transmit this direct complicity that a Marriage at first sight We’ve only seen it a few times, most recently between Irene Benieri and Matteo Riva who, not surprisingly, left the experience hand in hand.

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However, they also seem to be on the right track Gianna de Rosa – 28 years old, Venice – H Guanxi Sanchez – 35 years old, originally from the Dominican Republic – and despite the slight age difference, they seem to get along instantly. The synergy, in this case too, is there, even if Gianna seems to need some time to gain the confidence necessary to allow herself to be affected. Now, the only doubt is regarding the pairs in this edition of Marriage at first sight It seems to be hovering around her Alexander Daggett – 26 years old Milan – H Valentina Mangeli – 29 years old, from Bergamo -. The first approach is positive and, if we may say so, particularly gentle, however Something doesn’t convince us. Alessandro, at least at the moment, seems very disciplined, perhaps because of the long and torturous relationship that consumed him for many years, leaving him frustrated and anxious about future adventures. Valentina seems cheerful and confident, but it remains to be seen if this will be enough to bring Alessandro to her side. while It seems so obvious Marriage at first sight And you’re engaged in the right gear, We are very curious to know how the upcoming episodes will develop.

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