Three Mantuan in the Senza Company team, the student reference festival

Three Mantuan in the Senza Company team, the student reference festival

Three students from Mantua, enrolled at the University of Trento, are among the organizers of one of the most important scientific events in the city: the festival is the company Cienza and they are Federico Todicci, born in 1998 from Goeto; Fanny Spardelati del 2000 San Benedetto Bo and Raffaele Amestradi, 2001 Born in Poggio Roscoe. An event organized thanks to the contribution of Owl and the Student Representative Association of Unitin, whose motto is “Raising awareness of science”.

The festival has become a point of reference for students, scientists or citizens who, for study or out of simple curiosity, want to learn more about the world of science. The last appointment for the 2023 edition will be Friday at 8 pm at the Science Museum Muse: «The first part of the festival, which ran from April 13 to 21, was a great success – comments Federico Todeschi – Now there are the two last appointments of this edition. We will have as a guest the astronaut Paolo Nespoli, one of the most important of the European Space Agency, who lived 341 days in space. We’re so fond of this appointment: It took two years of brokerage to even have him as a guest. In addition to Nespoli, there will be a full immersion in the discovery of folding, that is, the folding of proteins in the absence of gravity, which is an important topic of medical and pharmacological research.

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The project started in 2017 by some students who wanted to create a space for dialogue and study. There are already a number of humanitarian, but non-scientific, events in town. «In 2018 there was the first release, but over time the project expanded, until 2020. With Covid, we had to cancel the live events, but we decided to keep them online. This was fundamental, because it allowed us to understand the potential of the Internet, which made us known in the following years. Then 2021: The goal was a relaunch. This was the starting idea for this year’s edition as well. «For us the satisfaction is very great, we have seen the reality become more important over time – Todeschi comments – At first some guests seemed elusive, and now they are the ones who are calling us to participate. This means that we are working in the right direction.” The event is free and tickets can be booked on the Muse or Unitin website.

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