Acerbi and Juan Jesus will be heard by Italian Football Federation Prosecutor Chini

It cannot be otherwise. The clash between Acerbe and Juan Jesus over the Nerazzurri's alleged racist insult to the Napoli defender during the match at San Siro requires more in-depth research into what happened – also in light of the conflicting accounts of the two – said sporting judge Mastrandrea, who in the order issued this morning asked for a Additional investigation: “After reading the race director's report, he considers it necessary for the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office to examine it in depth in order to submit a report to this judge, having also heard directly from the people involved and if necessary, how it happened between the Napoli player Juan Guilherme “Nones Jesus and Internazionale footballer Francesco Acerbi regarding any racially discriminatory statements made by the latter towards the Napoli player.”

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So, more work for Giuseppe Cheni, in recent days he has already been busy – among other things – with the hearings on the video and expulsion in Rome and the Milan case. The prosecutor will already make appointments today to hear Acerbe and Juan Jesus, will obtain all possible photos and it is not unlikely that he will also ask someone else to testify.

Sting risk

If the racist nature of the insult is confirmed, Acerbe will be charged with violating Article 28 of the Sporting Fairness Act regarding “discriminatory behaviour”. The penalties in this case are particularly heavy. In fact, paragraph 2 states: “A player who commits the offense referred to in paragraph 1 shall be punished by exclusion for at least 10 match days, or in more serious cases, by exclusion for a specified period.”

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