The opponent in Shanghai unleashed with an umbrella!

The opponent in Shanghai unleashed with an umbrella!

Shanghai, China)Ben Shelton Wild. The 21-year-old American tennis player is one of the most popular players of all timeATP ShanghaiThe match was played today (October 9). Double With polish Hubert HurkaczHowever, he comes out defeated Hijikata-nori duet. However, the knockout has certainly taken a back seat: here’s why.

Shelton was unleashed in Shanghai

21 year old from AtlantaWho will challenge the Italian team tomorrow (October 10). Yannick Siner to Round of 16 Subordinate Chinese championshipHe was the hero of a gesture that did not go unnoticed: thanks to the heavy rain that fell on the fields, Shelton He sat on the sidelines with his partner Hurcatchwaiting for improvement Weather conditions. At that point, Two ball boys They opened Shades For players however Sheltonwith Polite behaviorHe surprised everyone present: he actually called one of the ball girls to him and invited her to sit next to him and under the umbrella. Protection from rain.

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