Alpine skiing, Marta Pacino fifth in the Lech Parallel Qualifications. Blue Board – OA Sport

Marta Pacino Smoothly qualified for the knockout stage of parallel lych (Austria), where the second stage of Alpine Skiing World Cup 2021-2022. The world champion in the field completed a solid two-way qualifier, without taking any risks, and finished fifth with a time of 48 59.

Piedmontese have been accused of having a 54-cent gap (a very large gap in a test of this type) from Norway’s Thea Louise Stegersund: The Scandinavians made the difference against all their opponents thanks to a great performance during the first stage on the red track. The 1996 class is preceded by Slovenian Andreja Slocar 0.42, the 24-year-old in rapid and exponential growth. Third place for another Norwegian: Kristen Lisdal pushed a gap of 0.49 from her compatriot who leads the standings.

Well, German Lena Doerr, fourth and just 3 cents ahead of Marta Pacino. Safe qualifications for Lara Gut-Behrami, Austria’s only public crystal ball competitorSwitzerland ranks eighth with 0.66. Austrian Katharina Linsberger did not shine, finishing 10th at 0.87 from the top: the world champion (on a par with Pacino) would still be hard to break for anyone in the knockout draw.

By Marta Pacino, It wasn’t a memorable morning for the blue guys, who not only failed to qualify for the next stage, but did not even come close to it. Here are the places: 31st Roberta Medale, 39th rookie Selena Haller, 39th junior world champion Sophie Mathieu, 41st Anita Jolie.

remember it Today’s contest has been ignored by many heroes, and above all American Michaela Schiffrin NS Petra Velhova, but also Federica Brignoni Blue and Sofia Giugia. It’s a specialty that just hasn’t taken root and this season won’t be suggested again (fortunately, one might say). Even today, there has been some slowdown that has broken the competition, particularly with the starting gate causing more than one problem.

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The knockout stage of the Lech Parallel Line will take place this afternoon at 17.00. Marta Pacino will face Andrea Ellenberger in the round of 16, while the eventual fourth would book the Bel Paese rider between Germany’s Duerr and Poland’s Maryna Gasienica-Daniel.

Photo: La Presse

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