Italian League: Juventus wins over Roma 1-0. Rabiot's goal is decided in the 47th minute. Photo – Football

Italian League: Juventus wins over Roma 1-0.  Rabiot's goal is decided in the 47th minute. Photo – Football

Juventus wins over Roma 1-0 News In the last match of the 18th round of the Italian League, Rabiot's goal in the 47th minute decided the match

“Did we lack a little bit of accuracy? Exactly, we talked about this before the game. We created more than you would expect against a wall like theirs. In the first half we were the team with the highest quality and we put them in a difficult position. “We gave away the goal. At the beginning of the second half, we conceded a goal with some rebounds, and then everything became more difficult. This result is a shame for us. But I am very happy with what I have prepared with the players.” So Jose Mourinho, from DAZN microphones, after the Juventus-Roma match. But how do you explain the difference in results between Roma playing at home and away? “It is clear that we are stronger at home, but not only us – Mourinho answers -. Support makes the difference. When we talk about Roma we must speak with respect, thinking about the work we do with all the difficulties we face. I am the first to say that the first leg lacks To some character, but that did not happen today. They are very strong defensively but we played a game with courage, and we were stronger in the first half. They are very strong defensively but “we played a game with courage. “Dybala and Bryan had two great chances, and I'm not talking about them in the first half.”



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“We got 43 points, that was important for the standings: we achieved the goal of ahead of Roma and fifth place”: Juventus coach, Massimiliano AllegriSatisfied after the 1-0 defeat to the Gyalurussian. “The first half was balanced, and now we are thinking about the Italian Cup on Thursday and then we hope to finish the first leg in the best possible way – continues the coach – with the second part of the season that should take us to second place.” Champions League: Our journey started a year and a half ago, and this is a completely different year because the children are growing up and we are working peacefully after solving the excess chaos in football.” Yildiz was among the most intelligent players again: “It is a pleasure to see him playing football. “He played an extraordinary match from a technical standpoint.” Allegri praised the class of 2005. On his 76th success, 1-0, a record in the three-point era: “I hope to win 150 more like this. The important thing is to strive for victory through… “Performance,” was the coach’s response.

We do not go to the stadium, Juventus asserts itself as a war machine within friendly walls and defeats Roma. It's still 1-0 to Juventus, goal by Rabiot At the beginning of the second half, with a back-heel pass from Vlahovic Allow Allegri To take two points from Inter and end the year 2023 -2 behind the Nerazzurri. No one has scored more points than Juve at home (23 out of 27), and no one has won more than the “short-faced” Tuscan coach: he reached 76 in the three-point era, even surpassing Ancelotti. for every Mourinho When he comes down another stop, his team starts well but then fades away and doesn't react after the foul. Allegri still trusts Yildiz as a second striker: the 2005-born gem, coming from Sahar FrosinoneHe keeps his home shirt and sends the returning Chiesa to the benchHe plays to support Vlahovic. In midfield, Locatelli is located between McKennie and Rabiot. On the right, coach Weah chooses instead of the suspended Cambiasso.. Mourinho is focusing on those with a recent past at JuventusParedes and DybalaAnd who may be present, Lukaku. For Goya, it is a special challenge, as the Argentine returns to the field for the second time as a competitor and will see him again after the failures against Bologna and Napoli.

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Italian League: Juventus – Roma

The Giallorossi's quick start frightened Juve. Within the first five minutes, Dybala fired two corner kicks and Cristante immediately hit the post after a deflection from Vlahovic. Then the Bianconeri begins to take to the field and find the right measures. The Serbian striker tried twice but missed the target. All the dangers created by Juventus pass through the feet of those born in 2001, who in the 20th minute pivots around Llorente and hits a sure shot, while Mancini delivers a perfect pass, and in the 27th minute he attempts acrobatic moves from outside the area. Which deserves the stadium's applause. Yildiz also angers the Juventus people with a personal action Which ends with a left foot that is too far away, while Dybala responds with an outside shot that gives Szczesny goosebumps. The final loop of the first half goes to Kostic, who needs to make a save from N'Dika on the goal line to save Rui Patricio.


Juve begins the second half with a positive stalemate at the end of the first half, and the advantage is practically immediate: the movement starts from the left with Kostic, passes through Vlahovic's heel and ends with Rabiot's shot that beats Rui Patricio. Roma does not react and Mourinho tries to wake up his team by bringing in Pellegrini instead of Buff, and Allegri immediately responds by sending Chiesa instead of Yildiz. Dybala scored the goal in the 71st minute, but it was almost a pass to Szczesny. As for the advantage, it is very little, so he brought El Shaarawy, and with ten minutes remaining until the end of the match, he tried everything with Azmo.n. His side is off balance, Chiesa leads the restart which is concluded by McKennie but Rui Patricio closes the mirror and keeps Roma upright. The Viola's previous 2-0 goal was disallowed for offside, and Juventus fell behind six minutes into stoppage time and only conceded a central header by Azmoun, earning three more points. 2023 ends 2 points behind Inter, and the Bianconeri are on pace to win the Scudetto. But Roma fell to seventh place, followed by Napoli.

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