Want to improve the performance of followers on Tik Tok: update the algorithm

Want to improve the performance of followers on Tik Tok: update the algorithm

Few people know that even on TikTok it is possible to improve one’s performance. To do this, the algorithm needs to be updated.

There are many tricks Tik Tok, until now the social network that allows you to get the virus most easily, thanks to the algorithm and the “For You” section. However, few know that it is possible to improve performance, so let’s go and discover all the secrets of the trick.

By updating the algorithm it is possible to improve performance – GranTennisToscana.it

in these years The most popular social network is definitely TikTok, the ByteDance giant that has conquered the whole world thanks to the pandemic. The app is nothing more than a container of short videos ready to entertain the users. Inside there are contents of all kinds and today there are very few people who have not downloaded it on their mobile phone. At the same time, TikTok can also be considered The most controversial social media evergiven the various trends that are being created among the younger ones.

But now for the all-important Chinese social network, something new is less important. The developers have actually implemented a New function aims to restore your feed “for you”. This way, each user will be able to start their in-app experience from scratch. In fact, the algorithm will be completely reset, and the user will have to start liking again to create a new personalized feed. Let’s find out how to apply it.

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TikTok, How to Reset the Algorithm: The Complete Guide

So TikTok is ready to introduce a brand new feature. This will allow you to reset the algorithm within the app. Finding the new feature is very easy. In fact we have to go up Settings, then click on “Content Preferences”, then select “Refresh the page for you”. At this point, on-screen instructions will be shown to the user. Once the information is read, the algorithm will be fully restored. So let’s see what happens once these changes are applied.

TikTok update algorithm
How to update the algorithm – GranTennisToscana.it

Once you have completed these steps, as mentioned, The algorithm will be fully restored. This important functionality will then allow you to create an entirely new experience within the app. In fact, over time our tastes can change and with the app it can get boring by always following the same videos. in this way Users will be able to view additional content. One of the challenges of ByteDance social is precisely ensuring that the breadth of content offered to the viewer is neither too narrow nor too repetitive.

A tangible danger that everyone who uses the app on a daily basis knows. The tool we analyzed allows you to do just that FAutomatically filter videos that use specific hashtags or phrases. In addition, the moderators of the app also decide if some content is appropriate for a teen audience. However, with this tool, you can return TikTok to its initial settings, with random videos ready to change focus compared to the previous algorithm.

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