For his comrades on the field, their faces in black

For his comrades on the field, their faces in black
From Salvatore Reggio

The former Treviso and Torino striker was found lifeless in a car in Palermo: perhaps the case of Malasanet. He had a young daughter, and in addition to football he was a court interpreter. In 2001 he became a symbol of the fight against racism

Football mourns the death of Akeem Omolade Oluwuashegun, the 39-year-old striker who played last season for Altofonte in the Sicilian 1st division. In his career he had tasted the First Division in 2003 with Turin. Two years ago, in Serie B with Treviso, His name has become a symbol of the fight against racism in the world of sports. For today’s Palermo news report: Nigeria She was found dead this morning, Monday, June 13, in a Peugeot car on Via MartoglioBallar, in the capital of Sicily. It was known that the body had no external injuries.

Therefore, investigators rule out violent death. We only know that in the past few days Omolade went to the hospital several times for a leg pain, without solving the problem. Only in the morning was he supposed to take an exam in the infirmary, but he could not walk. A friend who came to pick him up in his Peugeot, came to accompany him, but as soon as Omolade got into the car, he felt ill. When the rescue arrived immediately, there was nothing for the 39-year-old to do. In this regard, to shed light on what happened, the police are investigating the matter, who obtained medical documents to understand the causes of death. Omolade has lived in Italy for years and has a young daughter: in addition to playing football he was a court interpreter.

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As mentioned, in 2001 his name became a symbol of the fight against racism in the world of sports. At the time he was playing in B Con treviso shirt And about thirty Venetian ultrers decided to pull the banners and leave the field because they were against buying him because they didn’t like the color of his skin. the next day, Celebrating Treviso GenoaAll Treviso players (including coach and substitute) entered
On the field with his face painted blackAs a sign of solidarity

Two years later, in February 2003, he made his Serie A debut with Torino in the match against Inter. Now the death and the many dark sides of this story, which the investigators will have to clarify.

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