“Mary hates her so much”: Those who cannot stand above the throne | And the lady has to deal with it

“Mary hates her so much”: Those who cannot stand above the throne |  And the lady has to deal with it

“Maria hates her so much,” who can’t stand the Trono Over hostess. The lady can do nothing but take the hit.

men and women, the most popular, beloved and at the same time talked about dating show on Italian television, is always a guarantee of great success. And this year too, like many seasons in this segment, the legendary season always takes center stage in the studio The throne is above. And now Once again the limits of classicism.

Indeed the former Divine Lady Ida Platanoafter the end of contact with the youngest Alessandro Vicenanza, is about to ascend the throne. The news is now official, and his fans, of course many, are overjoyed. In a kindergarten whereWe found interesting new entries too Historical faces.

We can definitely count in this direction Gemma Galgani Who is the real veteran? Despite the many beatings he has taken on and off the show, he has not lost heart and still feels it In search of true lovewho has quite a romantic vision, and the charming prince.

“Maria really hates her,” the lady has to come to terms with it

Among the knights here is the magician again Armando Incarnato. It was rumored during the summer of 2023 that he may never return to Real Madrid Court of Maria De Filippi Which allowed us to get to know him fairly widely. However, it is largely absent Ricardo Guarnieri But that’s very justified considering that He’s engaged With a girl who is not part of the wide world of entertainment.

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What about ladies? In addition to what was previously mentioned jewelwho is always and anyway the great protagonist of the show, often steals the show Barbara Di Santi and Roberta Di Padua With their different knowledge. But there is another lady who doesn’t get along Galgani Which now seems indigestible to Maria De Filippi. “Maria really hates her.”This is a strong hint.

Aurora Tropea RomaIT.it

Aurora Tropea, indigestible for the widow Costanzo? Strong innuendo on the internet

Let’s talk about Aurora Tropea Which, from the first lines of the new season currently underway, has caused a stir in the studio with historical commentators Tina Cipolari and Gianni Sperti. In fact, we could say there’s really bad blood with the latter. Anyway, not even the presenter She had difficulty telling her what she was doing and singing it to herHe loses his temper greatly.

Many viewers, especially the more diligent and intelligent ones, have begun to think that the lady is probably under-served by her husband. Costanzo’s widow. Others still argue so Can’t handle it at all. The truth is that Trupea also has a solid core of fans who defend it and They follow her affectionately Whether on TV or on social media.

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