Un Posto al Sole July 4, 2022: Previews

Un Posto al Sole July 4, 2022: Previews

Un Posto al Sole offers for upcoming episodes

What do you expect from the new episode of place in the sun aired on 4 July 2022 on me Rai 3? Start a new programming week for as Broadcasting from Monday to Friday, from 20:45with an unreleased episode to be discovered on Rai 3. Broadcasting from Monday October 21, 1996 to today, the series created by Wayne Doyle, Luigi Ventrilla, Adam Bowen is also back on the air. Monday 4 July 2022 with episode No. 5981.

In the event that you are not able to follow it on TV 1 on Rai 3, remember that you can always retrieve it on broadcast on RaiPlay, Simultaneously with the completion of the television broadcast.

On the streaming platform, you will also find a file Full bets It was actually aired from 2016 to today i.e. from season 20 to season 26 is currently on air. Read below full previews from episode place in the sun On air Monday 4 July 2022 On Rai 3.

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Vladimir Randazzo and Alessandra Massey in A Place in the Sun December 6-10, 2021 Credits: Ray

Un Posto al Sole Predictions for July 4, 2022

In the next episode of place in the sun On air Monday 4 JulyRafael (Patrizio Rispo) was discovered by his daughter viola (Ilenia Lazarin) while bent on searching .’s computer Eugene (Paulo Romano). At this point, a moment of great despair arises for him that prompts him to tell the woman the whole truth. Will Viola be able to hide the secret by filling her husband with lies? while Franco (Peppe Zarbo) agrees to help Ambassador (Vladimir Randazzo) H Clear Alessandra Massi provides them with false documents to escape from Italy. Meanwhile, attempts continue Mariela (Antonella Brisco) to better define and in a peaceful way, Samuel (Samuel Cavallo) Editor Send (Antonio Conte), father of Speranza (Mariasol de Mayo).

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I lost a ring place in the sun broadcast today? Don’t worry, why come Ray Play You can always retrieve streaming episodes that have already been broadcast on Rai 3. Find out here how to watch them again place in the sun In a reply.

predecessor place in the sun From 20 to 24 June 2022!

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