All advances from 4 to 8 July 2022

All advances from 4 to 8 July 2022

Plots of the new episodes of the TV series RAY 3 week: Is Rafael Ready to Tell the Truth? Nunzio and Kiara on the run

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place in the sun Coming back for a week of new episodes airing Rai 3at the usual time, starting from 20:45 Monday through Friday. Let’s see all the plots and discover the progress in new episodes From the TV series July 4-8, 2022.

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Monday 4th July

Ravel She is captured by Viola while researching Eugenio’s computer, and is forced to tell the whole story. Reality About what is happening, including the threats you face. Ambassador reveals his plan a leak With Chiara to Franco, they ask him to help him obtain false documents. Later, although Guido clearly advised her not to interfere, Mariella wants to bring Samuele to Espedita.

Tuesday 5 July

Raphael asks Viola not to reveal anything she has discovered to her husband, wishing to take her to the mansion with Antonio. while EugeneAfter meeting Trigara again, he is on his way to Milan for further investigations. in spite of himself Franco accepts To help Nunzio, in order to prevent the boy from getting into bigger problems.

Wednesday 6th July

Diego He understands that behind his father’s unusual behavior there is no connection with Elvira, while viola She continues to try to protect her father by saying anything to her husband and, in fact, by telling her lies. Although he decides to help them and not hinder them, Franco tries to convince Nunzio and Chiara the idea of ​​leaving Italy. Tensions escalate between Ricardo and Michele.

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Thursday 7 July

Marina Take a rest and get ready for your trip to ProcidaWhile larra He continues to make everyone think that Pregnancy going well. Overwhelmed by the weight of threats, Rafael realizes that he can no longer lie. smallest white He takes advantage of the environmental protection opportunity to get close to Antonello.

Friday July 8

Rafael is in full crisis: the imminent Comparison with Nicotera, who wants to tell him the whole truth about Valsano and Camorra, generates unprecedented anxiety and pain. Lara still doesn’t trust the maid SilvanaHe sets up a treacherous plan against him. Bianca begins to learn the ups and downs of her young love.

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