Monica Siriani, investigating the strange death in the former Big Brother bar: “Sudden illness, possibly poisoning?”

Monica Siriani, investigating the strange death in the former Big Brother bar: “Sudden illness, possibly poisoning?”

The investigation into the bizarre death of former Big Brother contestant Monica Siriani focuses on the poisoning hypothesis. The 37-year-old English teacher died on May 5 of an illness in a bar in Soveria Mannelli in the province of Catanzaro. Today the National newspaper reports on a possible murder. The woman did not suffer from diseases that could lead to sudden death. The opened file is uploaded to unknown people. Investigations are entrusted to the police. In recent days they have checked consumption. Then comes the interrogations of those present. The suspicions that led to the investigation, as the newspaper explains, are precisely the unclear circumstances of the death. In any case, poisoning can occur both voluntarily and involuntarily.

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The results of the autopsy are expected in the coming days. Which can also confirm death from natural causes. Monica Siriani has lived in Lombardy for some time but is originally from Australia. Father and mother immigrated there some time ago. The family is awaiting the end of the investigation to bring the girl’s body back to Sydney. When she faints at the bar, her friends call for help, so they take her to the hospital. There death was confirmed. Prior to the period of fame associated with her participation in “Big Brother”, Siriani was the heroine of some Calabrian TV shows on local networks, demonstrating an attitude and a desire to appear. Then the big jump by participating in the reality program presented at the time by Alicia Marcusi. During the broadcast, he also had a relationship with another competitor of the programme, Fabrizio Conte.

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The woman’s death caused a profound upheaval in the life of Soveria Mannelli, as Monica was especially known and respected. and where he had many friends dating young acquaintances in the center of Reventino especially in the summer. The people of Sofria had followed his artistic path and appreciated his local and national television successes. That is why, at the beginning of May, he decided to spend a few days of vacation in the center where his parents belonged and where his family roots are. And where has he found so far inexplicable death.

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