Jennifer Lopez, who was forced to wait outside the gym (for a minute) gets angry at the paparazzi: “F**k you!”

Jennifer Lopez, who was forced to wait outside the gym (for a minute) gets angry at the paparazzi: “F**k you!”

Don’t leave a movie star waiting like Jennifer Lopez. This seems to be the message that comes across loud and clear Los Angeles where is the a star to Hollywood She decided to go to the gym, but the wait (albeit very short) made her angry.

Yes, becausean actress prize Oscars Wait less than a minute in front of the gym door. But these sixty seconds were enough to piss her off and piss off many paparazzi who, every day, follow her like a shadow. But let’s go in order …

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A video going around the world shows her rushing to the fancy gym for her daily workout. But something immediately bothers her. The door does not open immediately and you have to wait outside the club like a normal person. From the reception, who may be doing something else or simply distracted, they do not open up immediately and her irritation begins.

Her body freezes and her attitudes become increasingly impatient, until (until) the second knock on the door gets the desired effect: the door opens and she disappears behind dark glass. It all happens with the backdrop of paparazzi shooting wildly, which JLo doesn’t seem to like and his “revenge” comes soon after, after training.

Jennifer exits the gym, and before boarding the massive SUV waiting for her outside and preparing to slide away, she turns in favor of the lens and shows off at the angrier part of herself: «Fu*K You! Farewell,’ he says in a princely manner. Which, if you were to translate it, would correspond to the expression “Go to hell, bye.” A scene that raises a lot of talk about the attitudes of the singers to the Hollywood star, who, for her part, issued a loud and clear message: “Don’t make me wait.”

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