Marriage is better for a man than a woman: science confirms it

Marriage is better for a man than a woman: science confirms it

Men and women are not the same, and not for a variety of reasons that are not necessarily related to gender equality. Think not only of behaviours, ways of living and working, but also of the way one or the other chooses to interact with joys and sorrows, just to give a few examples.

do not want to do All grass pack, mind you. But if the striking difference that distinguishes men and women comes from science, we certainly cannot ignore it. In this case Experts wanted to investigate longevity From both sides, we should expect it You won’t like what’s shown.

If, in the past, many studies confirmed that a woman’s life expectancy is higher than that of a man, then recent research has completely overturned everything we thought. In fact, men seem to be taller than women and this is “lucky” will be attributed to marriage And not only.

Married men live longer than women: the new research

To conduct this new research that turned the script in favor of men, they were experts FromSedansk University in Denmark. The results of the study published in the journal The British Open Medical JournalThey revealed that married men have specialties Chance to live longer than women Its percentage ranges between 25% and 30%.

After analyzing statistical data from 199 different groups who lived in the past three centuries, the researchers showed that Male life expectancy is higher Compared to the female counterpart, but only if she is Married and Alumni. In fact, longevity appears to be the prerogative of male couples with a college level of education.

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The benefits of a couple are all (or almost) for men

there women’s survival, compared to its male counterpart, is not entirely denied. This study, in fact, refers only to married and educated men who will get the maximum benefits from a marital relationship and from studying. Moreover, this fraction was specifically compared to single women who had 1 part in response Life expectancy is much shorter.

So, in sum, married and educated men will have a good percentage, ranging from 25% to 50%, to survive longer than their female counterparts who choose instead to remain celibate. the reasons? One might think that everything could be explained by the fact that, in the field of the family, they are Women to do everything.

Indeed, this seemingly perilous theory is not far from the truth. In fact, the Danish researchers devoted a portion of their study to The benefits of marital relations And stable relationships belong to men more than women.

Women, more than men, will be able to take care of their partners, to take care of their health and encourage them to follow a lifestyle aimed at well-being and, consequently, longevity. On the other hand, education will allow males to find jobs with suitable salaries to have a decent standard of living.

on the other side , They won’t be able to take care of themselvesat least not as they do with their partner, and they tended to assume faulty lifestyles that inevitably affect life expectancy.

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