Juventus, Allegri take another big loss: Chesney out 20 days

Juventus, Allegri take another big loss: Chesney out 20 days

The Polish goalkeeper has treated a minor injury to the adductor longus in his left thigh

A week after his debut in the league, at home Juventus Raining in the wet. The friendly match against Atletico Madrid, in addition to the disastrous result, brought other bad news for Allegri: Szczesny has been fired and will have to stay in the pits for about a month. Wojciech Szczesny, due to the discomfort he felt at the end of the first half of the Atlético de Madrid match, this morning underwent radiological examinations at J | Medical which showed low-grade lesion of the adductor longus muscle of the left thigh; His competitive appeal will take about 20 days.”.

Chiesa, Pogba, Makeni and now Szczesny. The Polish goalkeeper will thus miss Sassuolo, Sampdoria and Roma and could return to the positions in the midweek round against Spezia, at the latest in the first leg in Florence on September 3.

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Juventus will start the season without the top four due to injury and without Rabiot and McKinney suspended. The formation that will appear for the first time in mid-August against Sassuolo for Allegri is practically mandatory: in the goal there will be Perin, young Fagioli in the midfield and Cuadrado lifting in the triple spear with Vlahovic and Di Maria.

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