Flag 2.0 from Capua

Spread scientific concepts in clear and simple language so that everyone can know the reality. This is the task of any researcher and scientist as well Ilaria Capua, book after book, virologist and former honorary member of the House of Representatives from 2013 to 2016. The researcher, also known abroad for her studies of influenza viruses, spoke with journalist Domenico Palmiotti about her latest literary effort, “Circular Health.” The latter will be a “collective responsibility”, Capua says: “We do not live – as he said – in a system with infinite resources, sooner or later they will run out and, above all, we share them with animals. So we are all responsible for our health. And among the many lessons the pandemic has left us, first and foremost, there is the value of life. Unfortunately, we only realize this when we are really sick. Health makes us free.” Capua actually claims that health The individual “cannot exist without the concept of society”, in which every human being is responsible even if “in a small part” for the health of others.

When the reporter asks her if she still has to worry about trading SARS-CoV-2The researcher reassures the audience. He explained that the disease will never go away because it is similar to measles, which, although advanced by a few years, is still present. The same also applies to other present and future viruses, which, thanks to insects and airplanes, will continue to spread and will be produced in various forms. There is no benefit in worrying, rather we must know certain mechanisms and act consciously.” Then Capua mentions the “One Healt” school of thought, that is, the ability to read the world as an interaction between multiple factors and not in disparate regions. xylella. Regarding the sensitivity of the new generations towards environmental issues, the professor says: “Our children are aware that the environment is precious and they are clear about what not to do, whereas our grandparents did not even have a conception of what pollutes it. The zipper generations Therefore, they must take responsibility for acting and recognizing the right.”

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After brief arcs about her life, most of which was spent in the laboratory, in politics and the private sphere, Capua concludes by addressing women: “Unfortunately, the research sector continues to lose them. The teams that work best are the most diverse, and I’m not just referring to gender. With the abandonment of women in world research it feels like we’re going back centuries. It’s necessary to find solutions to rebalance the sector and allow women to become fully active again in the field. Looking for women who bring toughness, ideas and transformation.”


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