happiness? For your information, it is 30 grams of dark chocolate per day

a Many say the truth, but now there is another confirmation: Happiness is found in about three squares of extra dark chocolate per day. Those who consumed a total of 30 grams of 85% dark chocolate during the day had, in fact, a better mood than those who chose not to eat chocolate or opt for a version with less cocoa.. This was highlighted by a study conducted by Seoul National University, the results of which were published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.

Happiness in 3 extra squares of dark chocolate a day

It depends on the bacterial changes in the gut

Improvement in mood could be linked to microbial changes in the gut due to chocolate consumption, according to research.

For the study, the researchers worked with 46 participants, who consumed 30 grams per day of 85% cocoa chocolate, the same serving of 70% cocoa chocolate, or no amount for three weeks. Mood was measured using the Positive and Negative Effects Table (PANAS), a psychological scale consisting of 20 adjectives indicating positive or negative moods. Participants were asked to rate their feelings on a scale from one (very little or none at all) to five (a lot) for each adjective. Stool samples from participants were also analyzed to assess the relationship between the mood-altering effects associated with dark chocolate and the gut microbiome.

It is better to eat 85% chocolate

Research has found that eating an additional 85% of dark chocolate significantly reduces negative moods, while the same effect did not occur in those who chose the dark 70%. Stool samples also showed that intestinal microbial diversity was significantly higher in the first group than in the so-called control group who did not consume chocolate. Notably, it was found that there were higher levels of Blautia, a type of gut bacteria that was significantly associated with positive changes in mood scores.

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“The results – and the scientists concluded – indicate that the mood-altering effect associated with consuming 85% of dark chocolate could be mediated by changes in the diversity and abundance of gut bacteria.”

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