February 1, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Science and philosophy meetings for students of the “Masatine” Scientific Institute

It’s time to Science and Philosophy Festivalthe event that brings together every year the greatest scholars of science and philosophy in Foligno, in a festival marked by an increasingly international flavour.

students Mazzente Scientific High School From Gubbio through the PCTO (pre-school/work rotation) also linked to the Laboratory of Experimental Sciences in Foligno with the three-year project “Scientific and Literary Thought”.

These days the students met the philosopher of science Silvano Taglegambi and linguist Archangel Massimo For Unit 2 “Space, Sound, Movement”.

The project, in which Mazzatini’s scientific students participate, aims to separate “scientific” thought, with its “modelling”, and “literary” thought, with its “narrative”, to arrive at an elaboration – a paraphrase – of the common “human” thought that will engage them as ” Ambassadors for Science and Philosophy” through April with meetings with scientists and writers, such as astrophysicists Patricia Caraviowhich will end with participation in the Festival of Science and Philosophy in Foligno.

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