Market expert has no doubt, revelation on the goal of Napoli

Market expert has no doubt, revelation on the goal of Napoli

Luca MarchettiJournalist skyspeak to Mars Radio during the broadcast Going to Naples forever to talk about else newsletter At home in Naples. Here’s what is highlighted:

Naples transfer market, Marchetti on Mazzocchi’s hypothesis

The Market Naples in January? I don’t think it will arrive in January Matzuki as DiLorenzo’s deputy. In the meantime he was injured. For the future? If I were a Mazuki, I wouldn’t come Since the Napoli defender has played all matches. In my opinion, Napoli on the right should do a perspective operation. And for this Zanoli It’s a great choice.”

Naples Mazzocchi Transfer Market (Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images)

“Naples knows that the paths of the January market become the paths of action in June, such as Chem or infidels. The club knows how to look forward and if there is an opportunity, Napoli will take it. I am convinced that something is also known next summer in the light of someone who can leave.

I do not agree with Maxi Refunds. This new provision or interpretation, as far as we know, should not be implemented in this financial way even by UEFA and therefore by Serie A. hill Which also considers goal celebrations a waste of time. It depends on the situations, in the case of 7-0 there is no point in getting several minutes back. Actual time is fine for me; But what needs to be removed is interpretation.”

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