Denmark is at the top, and the Netherlands is back in Ireland

Denmark is at the top, and the Netherlands is back in Ireland

Rome – Denmark was forced to give chase Group H of Euro 2024 qualifiers He plays the game On the Finnish StadiumHe struggles to break through, but passes in the final thanks to… A goal from Hojbjerg (85′) deserved to be overtaken at the top. Among the regular guests Lindstrom and Christensen: The Napoli winger had a shot blocked by the home team’s goalkeeper (15′) before giving way to the former Atalanta striker in the first half. Hooglund (joined Manchester United in the summer)The Roma full-back was on the field for 82 minutes and was able to get the yellow card that he received in the 13th minute due to a foul.

Finland – Denmark 0-1: news, statistics and scoreboard

Group H: Denmark leads with Slovenia

And with this victory Denmark (ex-Inter player Eriksen’s game was excellentAC Milan player only at the end) Finds himself first at +1 on Finn (Pohjanpalu was on the field in the second half while the other Venetian, goalkeeper Goronen, remained on the bench) And they are Tied for 12th place against a surprising Kazakhstanvictorious on his land 1-0 against Northern Ireland (The decisive goal by Samorodov in the 27th minute). Michael O’Neill’s choice (Fifth consecutive knockout) remains stuck at 3 points vs San Marino only (at zero)By defeating its guest 4-0 Slovenia, which now occupies the first place in the ranking with the Danes In a very balanced group, where goal difference can make the difference.

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Kazakhstan – Northern Ireland 1-0: news, statistics and results

San Marino-Slovenia 0-4: news, statistics and scoreboard

Group B: Netherlands and Greece win

In the Group B is dominated by France (5 wins out of 5) Goliada to Greece: 5-0 at home to Gibraltar (still without points) Thanks to a goal by Pelkas (9) and doubles by Mavropanos (23 and 83) and Masouras (70 and 91). Hellenes rise to 9 points as The Netherlands, who came from behind in Dublin to beat Ireland (still in third place). Immediately after the awarded penalty kick, he touched Van Dyck’s arm and turned it into his hand (5′). “Orange” turns the result around From another penalty kick scored by Djabko (19′) and It was conquered by Inter Dumfries who then provided the assist for the overtake To Weghorst (56′). Between the Dutch inside in the second half AC Milan Randers player and Atalanta Copmineers player.

Ireland-Netherlands 1-2: news, stats and scoreboard

Greece – Gibraltar 5-0: news, stats and scoreboard

Group G: Serbia and Montenegro performed well

In group g Serbia’s victory in Lithuania (1-3) That brings them to 10th-place leader Hungary (which has played one match less). Mitrovic hat-trick In the first half (21st, 32nd and 43rd), which ended with a goal by Paulauskas, with which the Lithuanians reduced the difference, but to no avail because the score in the second half did not change. For the Serbs at Fiorentina player Milinkovic Stadium, Former Lazio player Sergej Milinkovic-Savic And his brother Vanga is between the goalposts, and the other Turin player Ilicic (Radonjic is on the bench instead of him) and then Also in the final were Udinese Samardzic and Vlahovic (The other Juventus player, Kostic, and the Milan player, Jovic, remain to watch). thanks for the The success in the last dive remains -2 behind Serbia the black Mountain Lazio full-back Marošić (The start), which passes before the break with the leader and former Florentin Savic (45+1), He remained with ten players and was saved in the 59th minute When Vujačić received a second warning for a foul Penalty kick (then saved by Mijatovic To Despodov was disturbed by laser beams from the stands), but in the 78th minute he was caught by Bulgaria equalized in the 78th minute through Borokov. It seems that the victory has faded for the hosts, however The unexpected success has now been signed by former Florentine and ex-Inter player Jovetic (He came on in the second half) who scored with a header in the 96th minute to make the score 2-1. Between Montenegro Krstovic was replaced in the second half due to fatiguethe heart of Lecce’s attack.

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Montenegro – Bulgaria 2-1: news, statistics, and scoreboard

Lithuania – Serbia 1-3: news, statistics and scoreboard

Group Five: Poland falls to Albania and Moldova

In the Group E He’s in trouble Poland Lewandowski and Jelinski Napolikey players like Empoli citizen Pierzynski and goalkeeper Chesney (the other Juventus player is Milik on the bench), Lost 2-0 in Albania and second-to-last in the standings. Albany now leads with 10 points.Hisai, a Lazio player, was on the field from the first minute, Inter’s Assani, Atalanta’s Djemseti and Sassuolo’s Bajrami), who thanks to a ballistic action from Assani (37′) and a goal from Dacko (62′) rose to +2 over the Czech Republic, now in second place and not alone. Czechs are actually addicted to Moldova narrowly won (0-1) at the Faroe Islands Thanks to the goal scored by Captain Rata (53′).

Faroe Islands – Moldova 0-1: news, statistics and scoreboard

Albania-Poland 2-0: news, statistics and results

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